Even perfect and most talented women need a partner. No matter how many Oscar statues you own, it is always pleasant to rest your head upon someone’s shoulder. It is worth searching for a man that wants you to be nearby, to have children that resemble only perfect sides of you both. If you believe in luck and the law of attraction, everything might and must happen no matter how much time it takes to wait. This unique story of two gifted people will astonish every reader. This is what happiness means to married people! Who knows, maybe you will find your perfect partner on https://j4l.com and repeat Meryl’s happy fate?

Meryl Streep, the most award-winning actress was in love with her man John, who died before the couple engaged. Meryl was having a hard time when trying to rehabilitate herself from such a dreadful loss. That is why her brother offered is Streep wants to share a flat with his friend Don Gummer, who was a sculptor. His flat was always empty, so Meryl was grateful to rent a flat for such a low cost (New York apartments were pretty expensive back then, and the unknown yet actress was short on money).

Sudden meeting

When Meryl stopped at Don’s flat to leave her clothes, she met the owner himself. Surprisingly for an actress, she offered to wright him letters, which was a start of something new, bigger, better. They married six months after meeting each other for the first time. Who would have known that a sudden acquaintance after such a loss would turn into the story, that inspires hundreds and thousands of single women who lived through the same situations in life.

Source: Popsugar

Meryl still thinks John found her a worthy husband and a reward for all days of sorrow. It seemed almost as her deceased fiancé had a clear vision of who would be the perfect match for perfect Meryl. The love story, which began with letters written "as a friendly move, ended with a wedding and happiness for many years.

Meryl splendidly carried on and stayed unbothered when journalists, with unpleasant mocking intentions, asked how she could get married only six months after John Casale's death. Meryl always answered with the same dignity: "I realized that he is the one I need. Reliable, calm, strong, kind! "Don also felt Meryl like no one, because his profession was also creative. It seems like a sculptor is a perfect match for an artist’s daughter. You can tell whatever you want, but gifted people attract each other at all costs.

Today, Meryl and Don have four children, but her husband still can not forget their first apple pie. From time to time, he asks his wife to bake it for him. Meryl says that she has been baking "those damn pies" for over thirty years, but she has not been able to make such delicious pies ever since. Probably, it happened because then she absent-mindedly put everything in random measures, not caring at all about the result, but her natural intuition did not fail. It also did not fail her when Don proposed to her, and she answered "Yes!" without hesitation.

The actress keeps the house neat and irons all of the clothes herself. She finds these activities much more interesting than the glamorous Hollywood parties, which, by the way, she cannot stand.