Home Article Inside Matthew Dowd's turbulent Married Life with Two Divorces - Children, Wife & Family Details

Inside Matthew Dowd's turbulent Married Life with Two Divorces - Children, Wife & Family Details

Updated On 04 Aug, 2021 Published On 04 Aug, 2021
Inside Matthew Dowd's turbulent Married Life with Two Divorces - Children, Wife & Family Details

Matthew Dowd is a one-time Democrat who switched sides to help put Bush in the White House. He has a very fruitful career, but his personal life is a different story. Matthew divorced twice and lost one of the twin infant daughters just two months after her birth. Let's find out details about Matthew Dowd's Divorce, Children & Family!

Matthew Dowd - Married & Divorced Twice

Matthew Dowd, a leading political strategist, now lives a single life. Matthew married twice & divorce twice; he was married to his first wife, Tammy Edgerly, in the mid-1980s. The former couple parted ways after a decade of the wedding. 

Matthew Dowd pictured together with her ex-girlfriend Maria Shriver. SOURCE: Getty Image

In addition, Matthew, with his first wife Tammy, shares three sons. His eldest son-Daniel Dowd served as an Army veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom & as a signals intelligence specialist who was deployed at Baghdad from 2007- 2009. Meanwhile, the identities of his two other sons are kept under the shadows. 

Soon after separating from his first wife, Matthew started dating another girl named Nikki. The lovebirds exchanged wedding vows after romantic affairs for several years. Like his first marriage, his second marriage also ended in divorce after the former duo lost one of their twin infant daughters during their premature evacuation in hospital in September 2002.

Matthew Dowd - Life After Two Divorces

Matthew Dowd found his love in the journalist, author, and activist Maria Shriver following two heartbreaking divorces. Well, it was in 2011 when Matthew Dowd's rumored to dating Shriver, the former wife of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, sparked.

Not to mention, Matthew & Maria publicly made their first joint appearance in November 2013 while attending Bobby Kennedy Jr and actress Cheryl Hines' wedding in Massachusetts after living in a recluse for several years. Their affair lasted for more than seven-year. 

Maria Shriver & Matthew Dowdat Robert Kennedy Jr, and actress Cheryl Hine's wedding. SOURCE: Daily Mail

In 2013 the romantic partners showed up at various events and functions each other's holding hands. Although both have been public about their relationship, they never got engaged or walked down the aisle. Likewise, a happy couple of Dowd and Shriver was also spotted on a leisure walk in May 2016 in the Brentwood neighborhood, L.A. The duo color-coordinated with their sportswear and enjoying their romantic moments. 

Matthew Dowd and former soulmate Maria Shriver were spotted together in the Brentwood Neighourhood, Los Angeles. SOURCE: Pinterest

Well as of now, Dowd lives alone on a ranch in Texas outside a town of just 4,000, resting his life heavily on his faith after years of sorrow and loss. Dowd lives with his daughter, Josephine Dowd, who is now a teenager. Dowd to the Los Angeles Times in 2007 told that at the time the affair between him & Maria began, the twice-divorced Dowd was working on her husband's gubernatorial re-election campaign in California.

Needless to say, Shriver and Dowd would flaunt their affair in front of staffers taking long walks together and spending a long time after meetings. When Schwarzenegger caught on to the affair, Dowd was pushed out of his inner circle.  

Maria Shriver with her ex-husband Arnold Schwarzenegger on the public. SOURCE: Emirates 24/7

After splitting with her ex-husband Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2011, Maria Shriver reconnected with him in May 2017.  After seven long years, Maria met her former husband, Arnold, and her children. This reunion also confirms her forever separation from Matthew.

Check out the video of Matthew Dowd speaking on Christ for Perspective below.

Other than this, Matthew Dowd has summoned the staggering $5 million when it comes to net worth. Matthew credits most of his wealth through his successful career as a political analyst, book deals, and public speaking gigs. 

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