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Meet Angela Macuga; Wife of Arthur Blank, see her Married life, Children, and Career

Updated On 02 Sep, 2018 Published On 27 Jul, 2017
Meet Angela Macuga; Wife of Arthur Blank, see her Married life, Children, and Career

Angela Macuga, a wife of the billionaire Arthur Blank. Okay let us scroll to see her married life, caree, family and her children:

We all know Arthur Blank; co-founder of The Home Depot and one of the successful businessmen of America, but today we will introduce you guys to the lady luck behind this man. 

Yes, we are talking about his third wife Angela Macuga who is also one of the board directors of the Arthur Blank Foundation. To know more about how it all started and how they married today's the right day. So let us begin!!!!!!!

Angela Macuga; Wife Of Arthur Blank-Happily Married Since 2017   

Starting with the married life of Angie she is married to Arthur Blank as the third wife of Arthur Blank. Angie was the divorced mom of three children when she first met Arthur. The couple met at a soccer game where Blank's son Joshua was playing.

After meeting him at their Kids soccer games, they both fell for each other and eventually, started dating. The couple engaged in 14th March 2014 and got married in the following year.                   

Angie with her first husband
Source: AJC

Angie’s previous husband died in a drunk driving case, but on the other hand, Arthur Blank was divorced twice before he met his current partner.

He first tied the knot with Daina J. Blank with whom he has three children Kenny, Dena and Danielle, but the relationship ended in divorce in 1995. Similarly, he, later on, married Stephanie V.Blank and also has three children Max, Kylie, and Josh, but that relationship also ended in divorce. 

All of his past relationships failed because someday he had to find Angela. The couple is happy together but does not have children of their own. Macuga is very close with all her stepchildren; three sons- Max Blank, Joshua Blank, Kenny Blank and three daughters- Danielle Bank, Kylie Blank, and Dena Blank

Angie’s Career: One Of The Broad Of Directors Of Arthur Blank Foundation

Angie began her career at Graphic Solutions Group; she was an elementary part of the growing brands.

As an adviser with graphics solutions group, she assembled relationships with important corporate businesses and gave significant marketing needs.

From that, Angie became an executive of sales with an immense network. She guided dominant campaigns that enlarge brand response rates and all value of marketing.

Angela and Arthur in their foundation along with Hollywood stars Emily Blunt and Ed Sheeran
Source: Daily Mail 

Angie afterward united with the University of Georgia board of visitors, she was an ambassador for the university, and supported for teaching, research and took community service along with it.

Who could forget their first love; Angie, after she lost her first husband, because of drunk driving, she involved in Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Georgia. 

She said:

I am the mother of teenage children who lost their father to alcohol, and the daughter of an alcoholic father. Both of these realities make my children and me victims to alcohol related tragedies."

"I wanted to educate my children about the dangers of underage drinking while they are still young."

"MADD provided a platform to help my children make better, more educated decisions when faced with very real situations involving alcohol."

Since 2013, she has served as the co-chair of walk like MADD 5 thousand, the organizations biggest annual fundraiser.

Angela Macuga: Quick facts                   

Source: Google
  • Angela Macuga was born on 1968 A.D.
  • She is married to the billionaire Arthur Blank in 2015. It is her second marriage.
  • She is the mother of nine children and five grandchildren.
  • She is a long time volunteer with Mothers Against Drunk Driving.     
  • Her husband has an estimated net worth of about $4 billion as per Celebrity net worth while it is about $3.2 billion as per the Richest.

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