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Meet Clarence Thomas' Son Jamal Adeen Thomas: All the Details Here

Updated On 05 May, 2022 Published On 05 May, 2022
Meet Clarence Thomas' Son Jamal Adeen Thomas: All the Details Here

Jamal Adeen Thomas is the son of one of the biggest advocates in the US, American lawyer Justice Clarence Thomas. Thomas is the longest-serving member of the Court. Let's discuss Jamal's relationship status, family and personal life.

Who Is Jamal Adeen Thomas Married With?

Jamal Adeen Thomas is the only son of the Clearance Thomas. Although his father has established himself as a big name, Jamal rarely comes into the media light. He is very much secretive when it comes to his romantic life.

Jamal Adeen Thomas with his wife Kathy Ambush and son. SOURCE: shopperlyf

Since he was a little boy, Jamal was recognized because of his high-profile father. But one thing for sure is that the guy has exchanged the vows. Currently, Jamal is happily married to a lawyer named Sakina Karima Paige.

The couple is blessed with a son and lives a content life. According to the online tabloid mentioned in 2010, Jamal was involved in the financial sector. To be precise, Clearance worked as the director of Supervision at John F. Van Der Hyde and Associates.

Who Is Clearance Thomas? - A single Father of Jamal Adeen Thomas 

Clearance Thomas served on the United States Supreme Court as an associate justice since 1991. President George W. Bush led him to succeed. That's not all; Clearance is the second Afro-American to work on the court after Thurgood Marshall

Jamal Adeen Thomas was carrying his son. SOURCE: Instagram

The Yale Law School alum walked down the aisle with his girlfriend turned wife Kathy Ambush in 1971. Unfortunately, their relationship reached a turning point, and they decided to quit. Soon the two got divorced in 1984.

Well, the two dated for a year and tied the knot after completing his college in 1971. The duo met in 1969 and was in high school, and Clearance fell head over heels for her at first sight.

In 1983, Clearance got hitched to Kathy Ambush. They actively participated in protests against racial injustice, which ultimately brought them together.

Justice Clearance raised his son all by himself. SOURCE: Instagram(@sharonkamide)

Following the divorce, Clearance won the custody of his son. And he raised his son as a single father. As a dad, the guy made a big sacrifice and even sold his sports car, Camaro IROC, to pay for his son's tuition.

Clearance Thomas's Affair With Lillian McEwen

The former girlfriend of Justice Clarence Thomas, Lillian McEwen, speaks out on their relationships in a lengthy television interview Friday on ABC affiliate WJLA in Washington DC.

Check out the video of the former girlfriend of Clearance Thomas, Lillian McEwen, on their linkup.

A retired law prosecutor had an intimate relationship with Supreme Court Justice for nearly seven years. Speaking of which, Thomas and McEwen first met on Capitol Hill in 1979 and became friends.

After Thomas split from his first wife, the thing between Lilian and Clearance grew intimate. She started dating the extremely seductive Thomas in 1981 while he was still married to Ambush for almost four years. 

As per the NY post, in her 2011 memoir, Lilian detailed Clearance's strong interest in porn and said," He recruited women that he worked or colleague with for participation in  threesomes."

Additionally, Thomas married his second wife, Virginia, in 1983, after Thomas and his lover parted their ways. Other than that, The former assistant of Clearance, Anita Hil, famously slammed him with sexual harassment allegations in 1991, which he denied in a confirmation hearing. 

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