Home Article Meteorologist Michelle Grossman and her husband Jamie Simmons are happily married. Know about their family and children

Meteorologist Michelle Grossman and her husband Jamie Simmons are happily married. Know about their family and children

Updated On 09 Dec, 2016 Published On 09 Dec, 2016
Meteorologist Michelle Grossman and her husband Jamie Simmons are happily married. Know about their family and children

Michelle Grossman is a well known American Journalist, television reporter and Meteorologist best known as the anchor of NBC 10 "EarthWatch".

Most people say that 'fate' brings two people together in love. But it's not the same for the adorable couple Michelle Grossman and Jamie Simmons. It was their 'work' that brought these two amazing souls together.

NBC is the connection that not only brought Jamie and Michelle together as colleagues and best friends but eventually as a happily married couple! Yes, that's right. The beautiful and talented WCAU meteorologist Michelle Grossman has been married to Director of Technology and Operations of the NBC Universal, Jamie Simmons and they are living happily together. 

Married Life of Michelle and Jamie Simmons

According to sources, Michelle and Jamie officially tied knots a long time ago and since then, the couple is working together as a great team in their marriage as well as in work.

Their love and respect for each other has grown day by day and has set a better example as a perfect couple.


The couple has a perfect family with two beautiful children and has celebrated many years of togetherness. Rumors about their divorce or affairs with

Rumors about their divorce or affairs with the third person have never been heard and we are sure it won't be heard in the future too.

So, it seems that they are still madly in love with each other like the old times and are immensely happy with their married life.

How they first met?

Michelle and Jamie first met while working at NBC 10. Their first unofficial encounter was in the area of the  NBC 10 building which is called the “cold room” of NBC 10’s weather center.

Both were attracted to each other from the first moment they met and both knew it was something meaningful and deep. 

After several official dates and dinners, the duo decided to take a further step in their relationship and happily tied the knots.

On an interview with The Lion's Roar, Mrs. Grossman (Michelle) said :

" I feel that my husband is the "brains" behind the business of NBC. He is smart, supportive and an intellectual human being and a proud father too. I respect him a lot for that."

Also, when Jamie Simmons was asked what was the best and worst part of work, he told the sources that the worst part was not being able to manage time for his family and of course, no sleep! He further added that the best part of his work was that it was the place where he got to meet his wife.

Family and Children

The adorable pair has been blessed with two lovely children; a son and a daughter.  The daughter named Ella is from Michelle's previous marriage.

They also have a son named Jeremy who was born on December of 2013. 

When it comes to family and kids, Michelle always gives them the first priority. She even left her job at the NBC-owned station in Philadelphia to be a full-time mother to take care of her newborn son, according to the Philadelphia Daily News.

Also, Michelle told the Philadelphia Daily News that she does not see herself doing weather in five years as she wants to be with her children and husband more and work hard to raise their kids well.

In her social media sites, we can see many posts and photos of Michelle spending her time with her family.

Well, we too support her, taking a big step of leaving her career and all, to take care of her family. We hope that she does her best to be the perfect mom and wife and live happily with her family.

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