Gonzalo Montoya, a 29-year-old Spanish prisoner woke up while lying on death bed, shocking everyone!

The man was pronounced dead by three different doctors but he proved all three of them wrong when he woke up just hours before his autopsy.

Miracle Or Supernatural? A Man in Spain Wakes Up Hours Before Autopsy After Being Declared Dead By Three Doctors!

Gonzalo Montoya Jimenez was serving in prison with the charges of robbery and on the day of his roll call, he was spotted falling off from his chair, collapsing on the ground.

Montoya was declared dead immediately by the doctor and he was taken to the hospital for an autopsy.

Man Declared Dead by Three Doctors Wakes Up Hours Before Autopsy in Spain
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But just when the forensic pathologists were getting ready for an autopsy, Montoya started snoring which ultimately scared all the doctors! The Spokesperson for the Spanish Prison Service spoke with media and stated,

"I can’t comment on what happened at the Institute of Legal Medicine, but three doctors saw clinical signs of death so it's still not clear at the moment exactly why this occurred."

However, doctors and hospital officials have suspected that the prisoner might have suffered catalepsy- a severe condition of the rigidness of body where the brain stops functioning, and it looks like the person is dead.



Catalepsy is associated with another neurological disorder, epilepsy which Jimenez has been suffering from. Jimenez has now been taken to Intensive care unit at the Insitute of Legal Medicine in Oviedo and officials state that he's in now ok.

He has even spoken with doctors about his condition after he gained consciousness. The incident has shocked everyone, and doctors have yet to find a logical explanation behind this weird case.