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Net Worth Of Scot Sustad, Husband Of Actress Kimberly Sustad

Updated On 01 Jun, 2022 Published On 20 Sep, 2020
Net Worth Of Scot Sustad, Husband Of Actress Kimberly Sustad

Scot Sustad, better known as the dear husband of actress Kimberly Sustad isn't as popular as his wife or involved in the same industry. So, what does he do and how much does he earn?

Scot Sustad's Net Worth Accumulation

Thanks to his wife's fame and career in Hollywood, it's bringing Scot Sustad, husband of actress Kimberly Sustad to limelight and popularity. Obviously, with Kimberly's marriage to someone outside her industry, her fans definitely get curious about her husband's background & occupation.

Entrepreneur Scot Sustad with his wife, Kimberly Sustad. SOURCE: Pinterest

So, what does, Scot Sustad really do? Well, the husband of Kimberly Sustad is a businessman who makes his money from his own several companies. And, what better ways to earn when you're your own boss, right?

More specifically, Mr. Sustad co-founded organizations that include The Arrival Store Inc., Adventure Teaching, and Brands for Better. The CEO of Digital Hot Sauce Inc. is also a community builder and works as an investor for beneficial projects.

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And, from his overall business ventures, Sustad can be estimated to hold a net worth of anywhere from $1 million to $5 million with a monthly earning of $100,000 to $500,000. As for his wife, Mrs. Sustad bags a net worth of more than $400,000.

Insights To Scot Sustad & Wife Kimberly's Marriage

Scot Sustad has been there for wife Kimberly Sustad for years throughout the ups and downs. But, it would be unfair to mention that the actress hasn't been the best partner for Scot either.

Scot Sustad and his wife, Kimberly Sustad and kids. SOURCE: Facebook

The star of Wedding Every Weekend and her husband have been together since the early 2000s before they made the big decision to put a ring on it in 2004. And, since their lowkey nuptial ceremony, Scot and his wife have been totally inseparable.

Not to mention, the love birds are blessed with two gorgeous kids too. Scot and Kimberly are responsible parents to two adorable daughters, Ari Sustad and Vienna Sustad. The family of four reside in between Canada and the United States.

Sustad, in addition, is a devout Christian and raises his children by the same faith. Speaking of which, he is the graduate of D'Evelyn High School and alumni of Covenant Bible College Ecuador where he studied Bible.

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