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Newsmax Reporter John Bachman & Wife Jennifer Share Three Girls

Updated On 03 Mar, 2023 Published On 03 Jan, 2021
Newsmax Reporter John Bachman & Wife Jennifer Share Three Girls

John Bachman of Newsmax is a familiar face and someone who needs to introduction to anyone who watches Action News Jax. John Bachman is a news reporter and journalist by profession. But, what do you know about Bachman on the other side?

John Bachman & His Wife Jennifer Kuzma

Nothing quite like knowing and being married to the love of your life for decades. And, that's something John Bachman enjoys to the fullest with his one and only, beloved wife of twenty-two years, Jennifer Kuzma Bachman.

John Bachman and his college sweetheart, Jennifer Kuzma Bachman. SOURCE: John Bachman Instagram

Yes, you read that right, Mr. and Mrs. Bachman have been together that long and still going stronger two decades later. But, how did the fairytale story of John and his wife start? Well, it all began twenty-two years back in the late nineties, circa 1998 when John had joined the Minnesota-based St. Olaf College.

Needless to say, Jennifer was one of the students pursuing her studies at the campus. And, that pretty much explained how these two met for the first time. And, since Bachman was an active athlete who played baseball and golf, it was also an extra bonus that attracted Jennifer.

Fast forward to the 2000s, John and his college sweetheart were truly in love and, before Jennifer knew it, the then-young lad was on his knees asking her to marry him, since he was confident she was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

John Bachman and his wife Jennifer Kuzma Bachman with their children. SOURCE: John Bachman Instagram

But, to clarify, John and Jennifer didn't rush to tie the knot immediately and waited years to finally get hitched. And, as it was true love between them, John and Jennifer, eventually walked down the aisle on their big day on 2nd October 2009. And, all these years later, these two are still happily together with three gorgeous children.

John Bachman: Father Of Three Children

The marriage of news anchor John Bachman and his wife Jennifer Kuzma Bachman is blessed with the presence of their three dear children whom they have raised so beautifully. To mention more, John and Jennifer are given three daughters by the almighty.

The Bachmans reside in Flo Rida. SOURCE: John Bachman Instagram

The Action News Jaz's host, however, remains super protective about his kids' privacy and tries to keep them away from the prying eyes of the public as possible as he can. Speaking of which, Mr. and Mrs. Bachman have chosen to not disclose the name of their daughters either.

But, that still doesn't mean Bachman completely hid his precious ones from the world to protect them as he occasionally shares pictures of his daughters on social media. To add, Bachman shared a family picture alongside his wife and daughters on 25th December to wish his followers a Merry Christmas.

The happy family of five resides in Saint Augustine - Flo Rida along with their precious dog, Teddy Roosevelt, a golden retriever.

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