Home Article NFL network Scott Hanson Married or Single; Does he have no time for Dating? Find his Affairs

NFL network Scott Hanson Married or Single; Does he have no time for Dating? Find his Affairs

Updated On 25 Nov, 2017 Published On 25 Nov, 2017
NFL network Scott Hanson Married or Single; Does he have no time for Dating? Find his Affairs

NFL network Scott Hanson Married or Single; Does he have no time for Dating? Find his Affairs and know if he is hiding a secret girlfriend

A lot of celebrities manages their time between professional and personal life and then there are some like NFL network's Scott Hanson.

The guy, despite being so handsome, doesn't care about dating and love affair until he is getting all his thrills by helping the people all across the world.

Be it through an organization or be it through money, he will do whatever it takes to make some change in this world.

But in all this bustle, has he been able to win a girls heart? Is he really single or hiding a girlfriend? Let's find out.

Scott Hanson-Not Dating anyone

If a person is so focused on his work just like Scott from the NFL network, then clearly there will be no time to date anyone or be in a relationship with someone.

Scott Hanson is single and enjoying his career, Source: Pinterest

The amount of response he got from his fans for the work he does is huge. In an interview, he told how he feels after his fans appreciate his work.

He said

“Heck yeah, that gets you fired up, man! I mean, I’m an excitable guy, to begin with. But to know that people have invested in something you’re working on? It’s a thrill.”

Now, when a person is so excited about his career then surely there will be no time for any kind of affairs. Many sources claim the actor is definitely dating someone but he is hiding it from the public.

If you're a big-time fan of Scott and has been following him from Day 1, then you know he never hides anything from his fans.

So if there is no news about his marriage or relationship, then he is definitely single. It looks like he is not yet ready to take a step in this realm just yet. 

Moving towards his happening professional life, honestly, the guy doesn't have time for himself let alone for someone else.


I work for one of the greatest organizations in the world. . Think about it: My job consists of watching football & sharing the best moments of the best games w millions of ppl across the globe. . I love it. I pour a ton of myself into it. . There's a fire in my belly to serve you guys the best sports entertainment on TV. . My heart takes delight in my work. Yet, as great as it is, it is not my entire life. . The most meaningful work I do happens around this time every year. . Traveling internationally - sharing Jesus in word and deed is an honor. He changed my life, & continues to daily. . There was a time I scoffed at His grace. . There was a time I would've rolled my eyes at a person who was so "naive and weak" as to "need religion"... and a time my most charitable response would've been: "Keep it to yourself, church boy." . But now I thank God that those who came before me through the centuries didn't keep it to themselves. . And now, at this time, I'm off for another adventure. (Sorry for the long post, but I like it when ppl share what they're really all about on here... So figured I would, too.) . Have a safe and happy 4th, everyone! . (Oh -- and the Touchdowns will return... SOON!) . #kenya #haiti #maghreb #russia #philippines #amazon #india #guadalajara

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He is generally moving to different destination all around the globe and help people through the organization for which he is working on.

Earlier this year, he visited countries like Kenya, Philippines, Maghreb, and Russia. He is known for spreading love wherever he goes and that's what makes him famous among both the gender, male and female.

For now, he is single but who knows, maybe he will date someone and marry him or her sooner than we thought. 

Quick facts about Scott Hanson

  • Born on June 24, 1971, in Rochester, Michigan.
  • He went to the Bishop Foley Catholic High School.
  • He graduated from the Syracuse University.
  • In 1993, he became an anchor at the WPBN-TV.
  • He then moved to Illinois and became a reporter for WICS-TV.
  • In 2009, he joined the NFL network as a National Correspondent.
  • On Sunday, he presents NFL live.
  • He also the co-anchor of the show NFL Total Access.
  • He is the current host of the  NFL RedZone.

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