Home Article Nicole Young; Wife of American Rapper Dr. Dre: Know about her Married life, Children and Career

Nicole Young; Wife of American Rapper Dr. Dre: Know about her Married life, Children and Career

Updated On 16 Jul, 2017 Published On 16 Jul, 2017
Nicole Young; Wife of American Rapper Dr. Dre: Know about her Married life, Children and Career

The super hot wife of DR. Dre, Nicole Young is currently living a blissful married life along with her husband and her children including step children as well.

We keep on hearing about the Hollywood celebrities relationships and divorces. But there are still such Hollywood celebrities who are living happily with their spouses along with their children. Among them, Nicole Young is also one of the happily married women along with the star, DJ Dr. Dre.

To reach to this cherished relationship, she went through a tragic relationship in the past. So, to know more about her personal life, past affairs and children, stay with us.

Nicole Young; Wife of American Rapper Dr. Dre: Know about her Married life

Marriage is a bonding that connects two souls together. So, for such bonding one has to go through several steps to get a perfect life partner. Same goes to Nicole who goes through a tragic divorce before marrying her loving husband DJ Dr. Dre.

Dr Dre with his wife Nicole Young at 8th Annual California Hall of Fame, Source: GettyImages

The couple married in 1996 after years of dating. And now, she is living a happy life along with his husband and the children. Their marriage is now in almost 20 years but the bonding between them still as previous.


Married 21 years!!! The Defiant Ones!!!

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The couple has two children

The couple also did the same and welcomed their first child after a year of their marriage. They named their first baby boy, Truice in 1997. After that, they also invited their second child in 2001 named, Truly.

Prior marrying Nicole, Dre was married four times and has four sons with them. He has strong bonding with all her step children as well as her own children. The family is living a healthy life along with all the members.

Nicole and Dr. Dre along with their children, Source: AskKissy.com

Nicole Young Past affairs

Everyone has their own past. Same goes to Nicole, she also has her tragic past as she was married to Sedale Threatt before tidying knot with Dr. Dre.

After three years of their relationship, they broke up for some unknown reason. But there was also rumored that Dre's gangsta letter was the reason behind their divorce but they had not confirmed it yet.

Sedale Threatt playing basketball, Source: DailyEntertainementNews

However, they have confirmed that the reason behind their separation was the everyday argument and misunderstandings. But now she is happy and there is no such news till about their divorce and extra marital affairs and both are committed towards each other.


California Love at the New York Premiere

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Nicole's career

Generally, Nicole rode to fame after her marriage but before that, she was a law student. Now after her marriage, she gave up her law career and is now established as a good housewife and a socialite.

Currently, she is supporting her husband and is working as her husband's manager. She is working hard for her husband and is inspiring and supporting him in each and every moment. She is really focused on her family rather than building her career.


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However, her husband is building his career and is now an established American rapper, record producer plus a successful entrepreneur.

Quick facts about Nicole Young

Nicole Young in an event, Source: Muzul
  • Born on 1st January 1970 in the United States of America.
  • Nicole is a law student.
  • Married a retired basketball player, Sedale Threatt and divorced after three years of marriage.
  • Married DJ Dr. Dre after several years of dating and has two children together.
  • Her current husband has an estimated net worth of $ 740 million.


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