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Is Phoebe Senara, Daughter Of Charlie Stayt Gay?

Updated On 03 Oct, 2020 Published On 25 Sep, 2020
Is Phoebe Senara, Daughter Of Charlie Stayt Gay?

Despite her connection to some of the renowned journalists in the UK, Phoebe Senara doesn't showcase any sort of an attitude of a brat. Senara is that one young and happy kid who grew up perfectly fine despite her background and privileges.

More To Dig In About Phoebe Senara

In her early twenties, Phoebe Senara grew to fame because of her parents, none other than the BBC TV reporter and freelancer Charlie Stayt, and mother, Anne Frances Breckell. Mr. Stayt and her wife welcomed their daughter Phoebe, who is also their first child in 1997.

Phoebe Senara, daughter of Charlie Stayt. SOURCE: Facebook

Phoebe's parents married in 1995, two years prior to her birth. But, she isn't the only child of her parents as she has a younger brother named Jake Hamilton. Phoebe and Jake, born in 2001 share an age gap of three years.

Phoebe and her brother also share cousins who often make their visit to Phoebe and her brother. Other than that, Phoebe attended the University of Glasgow and lives in Arkansas, as per her Facebook profile.

Phoebe Senara's parents, Charlie Stayt and Anne Frances Breckell. SOURCE: Pinterest

And, just like any other teenager, Senara loves hanging out with her friends, attending concerts, and just having fun to the fullest. But, is this young beautiful woman in a relationship with anyone?

Phoebe Senara's Dating Life; Rumored To Be Queer

Phoebe Senara, the child of Charlie Stayt hasn't disclosed any of her boyfriend and dating life details to the public. However, it's expected that she might be a queer woman. Could that be true?

Phoebe Senara supports the queer community. SOURCE: Facebook

Whilst Senara hasn't published any heterosexual platonic relationship yet, she is assumed to be dating a woman. Some speculate she is a part of the LGBTQ community as gay and is dating a woman named Izzy King who as well as attended the same university as her.

Both Phoebe and Izzy often share adorable pictures of together themselves posing that receives positive comments. But, of course, neither of them have commented or responded anything that might answer the nature of their relationship.

However, Senara is a massive supporter of the LGBTQ community and attends pride events including protests and celebrations. And, that is something very inspirational.

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