16-year-old piano sensation Ethan Bortnick has amazed all of us through his unbelievable talent. He is not only a pianist but also a singer, composer, songwriter, actor and musician.

With his extraordinary talent, the Little Genius has collected almost 3 Million USD. Considering his wonderful career this is not a surprise that he has managed to earn such an amazing net worth. Let us discuss his career. 

Bortnick Bortnick's Career

Bortnick began playing keyboard at the age of 3 and started composing music at the age of five.  Four years Later, at the age of 9, Bortnick became the youngest artist to have his own National PBS Concert.

He made his concert debut with his own musical band "Bortnick Bortnick and His Musical Time Machine' in 2010 in the USA. 

A year later, Bortnick actually became the youngest musician and an entertainer ever to go on a national tour.

On 2009, Bortnick performed at Muhammad Ali's event to raise the fund for Parkinson’s disease and also for many other charities.

The event was held on for two nights. Likewise, in 2011, he recorded his first album in Alabama, Produced by the Grammy award winning Songwriter Gary Baker. 

The album was used as a soundtrack on the movie ‘Anything is Possible’

In October 2010 and in January 2011, Bortnick headlined his own National Tour performing in almost 28 shows.

The show received a 100% positive feedback. Apart from that during the tour, he used to visit local hospitals so that he could perform for the kids who were not able to see his tour, due to illness. Sweet Isn't it?

Moreover, in 2010, Bortnick became the youngest artist to record a song alongside 70 artists.

Bortnick is undoubtedly very famous and has also been interviewed by several local, national and international radio stations, newspapers and magazines.

On 2008, he was a guest on the NPR's Weekend Edition program where one of the Listeners gave a comment that ‘This interview was one of the most enjoyable of the year’.

An award-winning musician

With his god gifted talent and hard work, he has been able to win several awards. In 2010, he won an award for 'Outstanding Instrumentalist Award' during young artist award.

A Year Later in 2011, he again received a TV Programs/segments award and on 2014, he won 'Next generation of hope award' by the USO.

Net worth of Ethan Bortnick

As per the current report, the net worth of Ethan Bortnick has been estimated at 3 million USD which he earned through his successful Musical career.

He is one of the brightest musical talents in America right now and we hope to see him becoming more successful and famous in the upcoming future.