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Priya Narang ex-wife of Josh Elliott; Does She have a Boyfriend?

Updated On 18 Nov, 2020 Published On 14 Dec, 2016
Priya Narang ex-wife of Josh Elliott; Does She have a Boyfriend?

In a nutshell, after separation with Josh�s Elliott, Priya Narang is not dating anyone and has no boyfriend till yet and her world rotate around her 4-year-old daughter Sarina.

Priya Narang is a dazzling and brilliant person who is mainly famous for being the ex-wife of popular journalism, sportscaster and a news anchor, Josh Elliott.

The couple got married after dating for several years even though they seemed so much in love with each other because of their personal differences they got a divorce. Today let us find out more about the former couple.  

Married life of Priya Narang and Josh Elliott

Priya Narang married American television journalist and news anchor, Josh Elliott a long time ago. They have also been blessed with a child named Sarina Elliott.

However, their relationship did not last long due to her ex-husband's extra matrial affairs. Beause of their nasty divorce case she does not have a good relation with her former spouse.

As Josh left her soon after their child Sarina was born Priya also won the custody of her daughter. When was asked about her seperation, she said, "he misbehaved and shattered her trust", which lead to the seperation.

Priya Narang with her ex-husband Josh Elliott

The cause behind Priya broke the relationship is not only matured to Josh’s attitude but also Josh company with his girlfriends, even after marriage. Josh was recently engaged to Liz Cho.

A lots of people trust that media has attached the whole controversy, especially about his sex addition. Due to this problems Josh’s is facing lot of mental stress. People admit that it doesn’t matter whatever his personal life is about, people think that he is the best journalist of popular show “Good Morning’’.

Josh was grant to spend only a few hours with his daughter. Although, Josh is very caring and loving father, when it comes to treat about his daughter Sarine. He always expresses his delight through sharing her charming pictures on social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, Instragram, whenever he gets a chance to spend time with his daughter at different instance.

Josh Elliott with his beautiful daughter Sarina Elliott

After detachment Priya tries to secure her privacy all the time even her daughter’s doesn’t give a chance to spread any rumors in media. She is not dating anyone and has no boyfriend till today after the separation.


career and path

Priya Narang was growing in her advertising career with young and Rubican. she has also known for her work at BMW's media, Bacardi, Volkswagen, sprint and DeBeers with DeWitt Media. She worked as an associate publisher at Vogue for five years, and currently, she is working with Citibank National Association as VP-Global media.

However, she alwaya preferred to handle primary responsibility associated with media planning and management. She achieve fame in media when she got married to famous American TV Journalist ABC’s Good Morning Josh Elliott. 


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