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Sally Bundock and her Husband Paul Bundock Married Life.

Updated On 31 Dec, 2016 Published On 31 Dec, 2016
Sally Bundock and her Husband Paul Bundock Married Life.

Sally Bundock and Paul Bundock are sweethearts who turned their long term relationship into marriage and are loyal with each other even after all these years.

Having a long time spent with each others as husband and wife, Sally Bundock(Sally Jackson) and her husband Paul Bundock are still so much in love with each other and are not shy about it to the whole world. They had been in a long term relationship before getting amalgamated with each other.

Their marriage has lasted a good 17 years and time has only made their bond more stronger and they are living their life happily. Their wedding ceremony had taken place at Market Harborough in October 1999.

Sally Bundock; She is married to Paul Bundock

Although they have been through a rumor which had that they were going to get divorced, they have dissipated it stating it to be “ridiculuous and pathetic”. In this long period of time, neither of them have been reported to be having any extra marital affairs.

Paul Bundock; Sally's husband

Their Children

This couple has been blessed with three sons, the eldest one born 10 years ago while the youngest one being 5 years. This couple loves spending quality time with their children and often go out for lunches and to football games or go shopping with them limited to London’s elite class-either to Soho or Harrds'.

Sally Bundock

Although they are very busy parents, they donot compromise with the time they would spend with their children or each other. They even have their part in nurturing their children. Paul drives them to and from school taking the responsibility of teaching them sports as well while on the other side of the plate, Sally takes care of their academic level.

Sally's Professional Life

With the success in married life, Sally has also been much successful in her professional life as well. She is a popular award winning British financial news presenter who works for the BBC News. The host of the World News Sally also presents the programme’s early morning editions aimed particularly to the European viewers and Global viewers.

Sally Bundock

She is a writer and a producer who is known for the Business Report, BBC News and Rees Howells, Intercessors. She has been presenting the financial and economic news for almost more than two decades. She has regularly been busy after the financial crisis in 2008.  

Sally however; does not have an instagram account where she would post pictures of her and her family but she has Twitter where she tweets her opinions and is much famous for her Opinionated nature.

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