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"Love Is Not Complicated, People Are" See The Top 7 Common Problems In Relationship That Couple Face Everyday

Updated On 14 Feb, 2018 Published On 14 Feb, 2018

Yes! It's Valentine's Day and you people may have some special plans to celebrate the day with your loved ones. In a relationship, both the couple deserves to be happy and open communication with the partner plays a key role.

Yes! It's Valentine's Day and you people may have some special plans to celebrate the day with your loved ones. In a relationship, both the couple deserves to be happy and open about how you feel about each other but the same doesn't happen for the most couple.

Well, today we are here to discuss some issues that can possibly ruin your relationship. Some issues might be bedroom issues while others might be simple ones that have been neglected for quite a long.

It is obvious to all that each couple is unique in their love. Still, it doesn't mean that they don't share common relationship problems along the way.

No relationship is perfect! Here are some common relationship issues every couple encounters at some point in their lives that needs to be sorted out at one point or other.

1. Sex and Sex-Related Problems

Sex and intimacy play a key role in a relationship. So it's not a new fact that some issues in sex can cause big problems in a relationship.

In today's date, people are very busy in their professional life. Hence, one common problem some couples face is a lack of sex in their relationship.

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For that, the couple can discuss openly and honestly about their needs and expectations. As per a report on a dating site 'Happiness Index, The State of Relationships in America, more than 2,300 people aged 18 and above who were either married or in long-term relationships were interviewed about their happiness level with their sex life. 38% of women complained being "too tired for sex", 21% of men and 35% of women spoke about low sex drive and 13% of men and 16% women discussed on boring sex.

Some people may find their sex life boring with the same partner for years. So, what you can do is spice things up inside the bedroom by trying new things like role-playing bedroom games, monthly sex boxes, toys and more.

2. Lack of Communication

Communication plays a key role in maintaining a healthy relationship.

But, not all couple know the way to be expressive. This lead to frustration, and misunderstandings. If the issue is not sorted timely, the couple may face some serious issues in future.

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Aly Walansky, a relationship expert said,

"A lot of arguments with a spouse can be remedied by talking openly and honestly. It might be uncomfortable at times to get things out in the open that may or may not be bothering you, but you'll iron out the kinks if you're able to."

Just be frank and open no matter the topic you are discussing.

3. Unrealistic Expectations

Being too much open and too demanding can have a serious impact on a relationship. Hence, learn to accept how's your partner is or move on and find someone whose personality better matches the life goals.

Source: Belief net

To have a healthy and happy relationship, just be calm and try to understand your love before taking any crucial decision.

4. Paranoia and Jealousy

People who suffer from paranoia often suffer from unrealistic imagination. When a person has a low self-esteem, then he/she starts thinking negative about in family life, relationship, and partner.

Source: Bonobology

The fear of losing a relationship and loved ones can become so great that we can struggle to cope. When feeling paranoid, we can begin to analyze everything and everyone crossing our path.

To gain positive results, it is very important that both partners are open and honest as far as possible.

5. Finances

One of the most common relationship problems couples face is the trouble with finances. The condition becomes worse when one loses a job.

Poor money management, debt, and overspending are all common issues that can put pressure on relationships.

Source: Good Housekeeping

Well, you should discuss your finances before the condition becomes worse. Just be frank and honest and discuss any debt you have. Rely on one another if money gets tight and never stop communicating.

6. Stress

Stress is inevitable, but you and your loved ones can do a lot of things to make the issue solve within a short time being.

Dr. Kathleen Hall, an internationally recognized stress expert tells us that the family with lots of stress suffers a lot. Ultimately, divorce is prevalent in stressful homes.

Source: Lisa Hunter Counseling

Stress can't be fully neglected but you can keep it aside for having a fun time together. Stress just come and go within a time interval but you and your partner are together for a reason.

7. Issues From Exes

If you are not fully over from your former love, you shouldn't think of starting a new one anytime soon. Try to forget the past life and people related to you and move forward to live a happy and beautiful life. 

Source: The Daily Mash

To conclude, it's the couple who themselves play a key role in maintaining balance in everything they encounter in their life.

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