Welsh auctioneer and valuer, Mark Stacey sure knows many things when it comes to historical artifact. Famous for the shows like Bargain Hunt and Flog It!, Mark knows how to make his show interesting which explains his big following. 

His fans are eager to know whether he is in a relationship or not. There has been a lot of speculations regarding his sexuality, and many media claims that he might probably be gay. 

Mark Stacey's Relationship Status; Rumored To Be Gay

Mark has always been quite secretive when it comes to his personal life. He is quite successful in hiding his personal life from the media. But his chemistry with his on-screen partner, Catherine Southon, sure hits a lot of bells.

Well, it may sound strange but there are speculations that Mark is in a relationship with her.  But it looks like these are all speculations as Mark and Catherine are strictly professional 

Mark is currently single
Source: BBC

Furthermore, he was also involved with a Spanish woman named Santiago in 2012. It was then reported that the woman is a fictional character developed in order to hide his sexuality.

Now coming to his sexual orientation, for many years, rumors regarding his sexuality is going on. Many reports suggested that Mark is gay but because of his lack of confidence, he never came out in the public.

He is yet to put any light on his relationship status which further adds to the fact that he is gay. Well, for now, no one knows for sure whether he is really gay. 

Mark Stacey-Once Rumored To Be Dead

In October 2017, a strange news surfaced that Mark is missing and might probably be gay. His fans together with the police created a team in order to search for the Television personality.

But later one it was revealed Mark is alive and well and never went missing. Never did they knew, the man from Plymouth, who happened to have the same name went missing. This caused a lot of confusion among his fans. 

Well, the auctioneer is doing quite well in his professional life. And we hope he remains happy in his career and we sure would want to hear about his personal life soon. 

Mark Stacey: Quick Facts

Source: Daily Express

Born on September 23, 1964 (age 53 years), in Neath, United Kingdom.

His parents raised him in South Wales. 

He is one of four kids, along with two sisters and one brother. 

He moved to London to work for the Bonhams and Sotheby's auction houses. 

He was the head of Decorative Arts.

He made regular appearances as the antique expert in  Bargain Hunt, Flog It!, and Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.