'Dreams don’t work until you do it yourself'. Only a few people have proven them and taken their name from Zero level to top of the world. Everyone is not capable enough for doing that. Stephen A smith is somehow the similar type of person who believes in hard work and then luck. 

Appreciating his hard work, ESPN is paying a good amount of salary to him. Till now he has a net worth of almost 2 Million USD though, all his net worth didn’t come from his profession but still it has an enormous impact in gathering his total Net Worth. 

Stephen Anthony Smith's Career & Awards

Stephen smith is an American journalist sports television Personality, sports journalist, and actor. Currently, he hosts two shows ‘Ryan Ruocco Show' and ‘The Stephen A. Smith’. These two programs are regularly airing on New York 98.7 FM.

Smith began his career at Daily News in 1994 in New York and also worked as a writer at ‘The Philadelphia Inquirer’ at the same time.

Later, he started his career as a Sports Writer. In 1999, he made his debut by working with CNN/SI in Television.

Similarly, he also worked as a basketball analyst on ESPN. After hosting an hour a day, in 2007, he became an NBA analyst. He made varied contributions to the ESPN as he hosted these many shows during his time.

Likewise, he made his acting debut in the year 2007, on the ABC Soap opera 'General Hospital'. In 2014, he has appeared in a series of Commercial as ‘The Little Voice in Your stomach’.

Recently on November 5, 2016, he joined Top Rank broadcasting team on Boxing Pay per View Event.

Stephen Anthony Smith under controversies

In 2014, smith made controversial remarks that women may produce domestic Violence on ESPN2 show. His words were criticized by many of the viewers. 

He also gained criticism of remarks including comment on social media for reporter Michelle Beadle.

However, he apologized for his words on the Taped segment through ESPN. He was suspended for more than a week and did not appear in any of their programs.

After a year, in 2015, he once again received criticism for his comment on Female Soccer Player. During 2015 FIFA Women’s World cup, when a replay of a goal scored by Norway against Germany on Free kick. 

Another commentator, Pointed out that the German Players Forming a wall to avoid ball were turning heads as the ball went in.

In that incident, Smith joked that the Players Might not want to mess up their Hair. His comment was criticized as being sexist and was a poor joke on a female.

Later ESPN released a statement that they’ll talk with Smith about his comment and he apologized once again through social media.

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