Texas House Explodes Into A Fireball As Police Arrives The Home After A SUV Crashed Into It

  • A house in Texas has exploded into a fireball after an SUV struck it.
  • Police responded a call after the vehicle crashed into the home-the house exploded seconds after they arrived.
  • In a newly released dashcam video, the house can be seen explode after a vehicle crashed into a home and struck the gas line.
  • A man, his wife, and son were injured due to the explosion, 12 miles from Fort Worth.
  • The driver, Arnulfo Castro, 40, has been arrested and was found without a legal license.

 An astonishing video has been emerged showing the moment that a house exploded into a fireball just after cops arrived outside of the house after an SUV crashed into a Texas house.

Police dashcam shows a police officer walking up to the Dallas home on Wednesday as it exploded into flames leaving debris flying into the air.

An officer approaching the house when it blasted into flames
Source: Daily Mail

According to the reports, the explosion occurred after an SUV crashed into the house and hit the natural gas line-the crash injured five people including two policemen.

 Officer Travis Hiser who had been approaching the property as it blasted, told FOX,

I just remember a big heat wave and something kind of pushing me from the side.

He continued,

There was shrapnel coming out of the house. The roof explodes, insulation was coming out. Things were coming out on fire.

Arnulfo Casto, 40, had been driving the vehicle when it hit the bungalow where a man and his wife were staying with their adult son. Dixie Bridges was hospitalized after the accident, but the husband and son have not been identified yet.

According to the police statement, the SUV swerved into the residence on Myrtle Drive Saturday afternoon shortly before 1 pm. The statement also revealed two of the officers responding the crash got injured of the blow.


A shower of debris with other building material from the roof
Source: Daily Mail

One of the officers was treated at the scene whereas the other was treated at a hospital.

The driver was found to be driving without license-he was arrested later and charged with driving without a license. He didn't get injured in the accident.