Home Article Let us celebrate this Valentine’s Day 2017, like never before; here are the top 12 ideas to impress your soul mate on this Valentine’s Day

Let us celebrate this Valentine’s Day 2017, like never before; here are the top 12 ideas to impress your soul mate on this Valentine’s Day

Updated On 09 Feb, 2017 Published On 09 Feb, 2017
Let us celebrate this Valentine’s Day 2017, like never before; here are the top 12 ideas to impress your soul mate on this Valentine’s Day

Lets discover top 12 ways to express and impress your love this valentine's day. This would surely help you won over a heart.

February is not any normal month. Besides having only 28 days in its share, Feb has another important day that people celebrate like a festival. Indeed it is a festival for people who wants to confess their love to one another and celebrate their togetherness.

Valentines Day is no secret to anyone nowadays. From teens to adults to married couples, everybody has and will always celebrate this day.

But saying "I Love You" isn't enough nowadays. You have to show how much. For that reason, there are plenty of ways you can express and impress your beloved. So here are some awesome sweet ways/gifts you can give to your soulmate for this Valentines Day.

12. Write a heartfelt letter     

It can be really tricky when it comes to making everything perfect for you better half. But if you have zero ideas on gifts and presents, the least you can do is give him/her a piece of your mind and confess your feeling through a hand written letter

It works better on girls rather than boys but isn't it the guys who are more confused when it comes to gift your girl something? 

People used to celebrate Valentines even when there weren't any internet access or telephones like nowadays. At that time people exchanged love letters to one another. 

Source: wish a friend

11. Go to the heights

One of the symbols of love is considered to be birds. Whenever we see a cute couple we tend to compare them to "lovebirds".

Unfortunately, we cannot fly in the skies like them but at least we can do is go to the heights (say like in the top of Eiffel Tower or something). Arranging a dinner at the top of the tower will surely impress your loved one.

Source: reference

After the amazing dinner took her or him for a romantic tour of the tower and see how lucky you will get for the rest of the year.

10. Cook for your partner

If you are tight on your pocket, there is nothing to worry about because you can cook whatever you can and surprise your beloved.

What's a better way to show that you are super serious about your relationship than cooking their favorite meal? Right guys.

Source: juzdeal

You can create your own special menu and arrange candle night without ripping your pocket. In a cozy room with lots of candles and roses and delicious food is a perfect way of saying "I Love You" without even speaking. Smart and sensible

9. An adventure trip together

If you think gifting flowers and cards is too old school for you and a very outdated version of showing love then think outside the box and arrange an adventurous trip to mountains or anywhere daring


Source: p interest

This would not just make your partner happy but also give him/her a feeling that you are confident enough about your relationship and wants to be with you at every possible moment. 

If you two want some craziness and thrill in your love life then there are tons of ideas of a vacation that both of you remember for the rest of your life. 

The adventure like rafting, bungee jump, trek or anything that you have not yet done together. 

8. Write a poem

If you are very bad at choosing gifts and presents for your soulmate, then you can just speak and impress. If you don't know anything else, then you have to be a little creative and write a poem to your lovely partner.


Source: dltk-holidays

Write in a very bright Valentine's day card and stick it to the mirror early in the morning. So that when your beloved comes out of the shower they can be surprised.

This will surely make your wife/girlfriend happy for the rest of the day. 

Romantic words never go out of the fashion and it never goes in vain. So try your luck with confidence.

7. Create a DIY gift  

Home made things are the best unless you are taking about a Dimond Ring. Show off your crafty side by creating a gift for your valentine rather than buying one.


Source: valentine day

Knit something like a sweater or a jumpsuit for his/her pet. 

Whatever you make, it would be very special for your partner because you took time from your schedule to do some authentic work for your significant other.

6. Plan ahead dates

It seems very simple but it has a great significance. When you gift your partner something that you two wants to do in the future, it will show that you see your future with them. 

Come up with idea that will leave a great impression and build a lasting memory. Come up with the idea that will leave a great impression and build a lasting memory.

Source: live Luv create

Something, for example, could be advanced bookings of place your partner wants to go for a vacation or booking of seats for a concert your girl wanted to attend.

5. Massage 

Massage falls in the top five things that will impress your love instantly. In the time where everyone is busy working and spending all the energy in earning money, a full body couple massage will be fabulous.

Source: lincolen park massage

Nothing says Valentine day than lying next to your better half and enjoying a relaxing and rejuvenating oil massage. The couple will feel connected, relaxed and glad after the season is over.

This will not only relax your nerves but also it will give an extra touch to your relationship. 

4. Make a photo gift

Nothing is more special than gifting your significant other a photo collection from the starting of your relationship.

Collect your special pictures and make a video or paste it to colorful chart or make a slide show.

Source: shape collage

The only hard part is to select the pictures, everything else is so simple yet it is the most convincing way to impress your lover. 

And the only drawback it has is that you should be clicking a ton of pictures and should capture every moment together. 

3. Surprise gift inside gift

Unlike movies where people throw their money in buying expensive gifts for their partners, in real life it is next to impossible unless you are a child of filthy rich parents. So for real life just keep it real and simple.

So for real life just keep it real and simple.

Make a layered gift. Buy the lots of gift cards from smaller to small, medium, large, extra large and making your way up to huge one. 

Inside that card, you can be creative and fill it with letters, small candies, and roses or if you can, a ring would be great.

Send it through a mail and don't forget to be in front of her when she receives it on Valentine's day.

Source: fine art America

This fun activity will make you laugh and the moment will be memorable forever. These are the things that make the day special and unique.

2. Take her dancing

For guys, there is another way to impress your lady love. Take her dancing! almost every girl on the planet loves dancing unless you are dating a zombie or an alien. If you are not, then you are lucky. 

Dancing is a way to express your emotion with speaking about it. Especially if your girl is a little shy, then it is a perfect gift you can give her. Girls adore you when you let her dance the way they want. 

Source: pinterest

A research shows that a couple that dances together stays together (even though i made it up), but do take her dancing and let her dance her heart out.

What's even better is you copying her in the dance floor.  

1. Recreate your first date

If you remember the first ever date you went to, then this I think is the hands down best gift you could give to your better half.

If you remember clearly, then in the beginning you probably were a little more romantic loving and caring person unlike now. 

So be that guy/ girl once again to show your Man/Woman that you care and you have to pass all those silly infatuation and doubts about each other. 

Source: daily mail

Brian Viner and wife Jane recreating their first date after 27 years of togetherness. 

Walk your significant other down the memory lane and show how much the relationship means to you. 

But just remeber and try to be good to them on each and everyday, not just the Valentine's Day.  

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