Home Article “Love is just love, it can never be explained”, here are the lists of top 15 gifts you can give to your husband/wife or girlfriend/boyfriend on this valentine's day

“Love is just love, it can never be explained”, here are the lists of top 15 gifts you can give to your husband/wife or girlfriend/boyfriend on this valentine's day

Updated On 26 Jan, 2017 Published On 26 Jan, 2017
“Love is just love, it can never be explained”, here are the lists of top 15 gifts you can give to your husband/wife or girlfriend/boyfriend on this valentine's day

There are lots of gifts item to give your partner in this valentine's day like roses, chocolate, teddy bear, greeting card, and much more.

We all know about the valentine's day. It is a celebration of love and togetherness. The valentine's day 2017 is around the corner and if you are thinking what to do on this day then here are some great ideas for you.

We are going to discuss 15 gift items you can give to your partner to celebrate the romantic day.   

15. Decorations

Arrange a romantic location and express your love with beautiful decorations.

Source: Love these pics

Make a garland of the heart cut from fabric scraps layered and attached with iron-on gum. Punch small holes in the sides of the hearts and tie together with ribbon. 

Red pillar candles, roses and to make canvases and attach red scrapbook paper and tie together with ribbon.

14. Wooden Craft

This Valentine Day you could gift a piece of wood, place adhesive letters on it and paint it pink to your wife or a girlfriend.

After that write love in different wood with black color and let it dry.

Source: My talking walls

13. Valentine Bag

Leather bag in pink color is a perfect gift for that day. Flap bag with silver-stone hardware, chain-link shoulder strap, and some heart shaped crystal, slit pocket at exterior back, zip pocket at interior flap, and turn-lock closure at the front facing flap.

Source: Ammmy 1211

12. Quartz watch

To make this day memorable than watch maybe the best gift for his/her. This watch' case diameter is 1.5 inch. It has a colorful face design with easy-to-read analog dial.

It has an Italian leather band in several complimentary colors with a one-year warranty. This beautiful watch features miniature red roses, a heart, a cupid, and pearls.


Source: Occupation gifts

11. Willow tree-promise figurine 

It is a way to celebrate enduring love for those who have found their true partner in life. Willow tree promise figurine is a way of giving a promise to your partner to be together for the rest of your life. 


Source: Pearsonal creations

10. Valentine Mug

Another gift can be a beautiful mug, you can give a mug and say happy valentine's day. This classic coffee mug has a heart shaped decoration with a heart enduring message. 

Source: Zazzle

9. Locket/Necklace

It is when two people are joined by love, this kindred heart makes a meaningful statement. A dozen red rose link necklace is handmade polymer clay flower jewelry.     


Source: Pinterest  

8. Earring

Red heart earrings featuring ruby red and gold foil, Venetian Murano heart shaped beads. These beautiful earrings are composed of 14mm heart shaped Venetian Murano glass beads crafted by Italian glass artists.

Source: Lates Indian jewellery

7. Bracelet

This day is the day to express your love and feelings to your loved one and bracelet is one of the best ideas for a gift. Silver red valentines love heart

Silver red valentines love heart charm bracelet pandora troll chamilia style gift for girlfriend or wife

Source: Pretty-shop

6. Ring

Make your valentine's day memorial be giving this stunning ring which is divinely crafted with recycled priceless metals of gold, platinum, and ethically sourced gemstones.   

Source: Lady lux

5. Teddy Bear

This huggable teddy bear with heart pillow is special way, just like your beloved one is to you. Paw has soft white fur, perfect for snuggling.

Paw mittens will let your loved one know how much you miss them because his plus heart pillow boldly states your choice of the I love you this much.

Source: Giant teddy

4. Love Frame

Here is another option for a gift; a love shaped fingerprint frame. Red and white color flowers which look attractive.


Source: By Stephanie Lynn

3. Greeting Card

This is also the best idea for share your feelings and showing your love through the greeting card. 


Source: Festival chaska  

Here is the video of making a greeting card that you can make easily for your beloved.


 2. Chocolate

Here is a chocolate for your beloved on this special day. It labels to decorate the chocolate bars you like the most. Cut out the label you want and wrap it around the chocolate bar, staring down with a little glue or a small piece of scotch.


Source: Happy valentine dayz

1. Red Roses

The red rose is the best idea for this day to make the day even more romantic and memorable. If you are planning to purpose your girlfriend or boyfriend in the rose day, then this is the great idea and chance for the purpose. 


Source: Valentine day

We hope that these ideas will help you people to make your day even more romantic and memorable. 

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