Two Washington Brothers Charged With Brutal Rape And Murder Of A 16-Year-Old Local Boy

  • Jonathon Adamson, 21, and his younger brother, Benito Marquez, 16, were charged with first-degree murder and first-degree rape of the Washington boy, Benjamin Eastman.
  • The victim was reported missing since 23rd June and his body was found in a shallow grave on June 27.
  • Detectives told the brother duo lured Eastman to a nearby woods and assaulted him and raped before killing him.
  • The brothers buried the body in the ground and burned his clothes and the shovel they used to dig the grave.

Two Washington brothers, Jonathon Adamson, 21, and Benito Marquez, 16, killed a local teenage boy, Benjamin Eastman in the nearby woods after a brutal rape late June.

On July 2nd, the court charged Adamson and Marquez with first-degree rape, first-degree murder, unlawful disposal of the remains, and tampering with physical evidence. They are held in the custody with $10 million bails.

16-year-old Washington boy, Benjamin Eastman killed after brutal rape
Source: Fox News

Police discovered the body of Eastman in a shallow grave just days after his parents reported missing in Lewis County detectives' office. He was living with his father Randle, Washington and was last seen on June 23.

The call records of Eastman obtained by police show that Adamson and Marquez allured him into the nearby woods for a camping trip in June 24 morning, however, their original plan was to assault him.

Adamson confessed that he and his brother proceeded to get Eastman down the ground and assault him for 30-45 minutes. He further said they kicked him over 100 times on the head before hitting repeatedly in the head with a rock until he died. Adamson also confessed to having sexually assaulted Eastman with a stick before he died.

Jonathon Adamson and his brother charged with rape and murder of 16-year-old Washington Boy
Source: KIMA

The brother duo buried Eastman's body before they burned his clothes and the shovel they used to dig the grave. The prosecutors alleged the boys worried that his dead body would be found and they dug him back up and buried in another place. This time, they marked his grave with a cross made out of sticks.