Home Article What happened to England after Queen Elizabeth died? What to expect people after Queen death?

What happened to England after Queen Elizabeth died? What to expect people after Queen death?

Updated On 20 Feb, 2017 Published On 20 Feb, 2017
What happened to England after Queen Elizabeth died? What to expect people after Queen death?

After passing Queen Elizabeth, it will impact Britain finance industry, huge economy and also the stock markets and the country's banks.

Elizabeth has been a queen of the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Canada Since 6 February 1952. She is named after her mother Queen Elizabeth, her parental great-grandmother Queen Alexander and her parental grandmother Queen Mary. She was portrayed as a glamorous “fairytale Queen”.

Certainly, there was a fake news of Queen Elizabeth death all over the world. The BBC news Twitted: “BREAKING: Buckingham Place announces the death of Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 90.   

If Queen Reign will come to an end, Kingdom and her other Realms and Territories, Defender of the faith, Head of Commonwealth is not going to live forever. Let’s find out more what happened to England after Queen Death?

If Queen Elizabeth will die

The Queen has emerged from sick after a heavy cold for more than a half-month. Buckingham palace has confirmed that the Queen is still alive and currently, she is healthy after treatment of a heavy cold. 

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If Queen dies, Britain will enter a period of grief in her honor for at least 12 days. The consequences of her death would be a huge impact on the British economy. It will also influence the stock market and the country’s banks.

The funeral and the following coronation will become formal national holidays. The BBC will also cancel all entertainment shows for certain time.

The death of a prevailing monarch plays havoc with an estimated economic hit GDP of between pound sterling 1.2 to 6 billion.



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Prince Charles may change his name, for instance. The words of the national anthem will be changed too. It will be an event which has Britain ever seen before.

Queen’s funeral will be like

Before being covered up, the Queen’s body will ‘lie on state’ for public seeing in Westminster Hall, Which is open for 23 hours a day until the memorial. There will be a short ceremony when the coffin arrives. People will be able to pay for Queen’s respect. The funeral is expected to take palace 12 days after the Queen’s death. It will be broadcast on television and streamed social networking sites.



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The state funeral will begin by her coffin being taken to Westminster Abbey by gun carriage. Leaders and head of state from across the world will attend. While funeral, the Queen’s body could be laid to rest in a number of places.



Queen’s death will be announced like 

The Queen’s death is announced will depend on the way how she dies. There will already be a plan in Buckingham-place where should she bow.

If it’s sudden, unexpected, or in a public place like Princes Diana’s death, then the place will have little controlled over the news floats.

Prince Charles will be king

He will become the king instant his mother passes away as the throne. As soon as possible, the agreement council will convene at the St. James’s palace to declare Charles the king. The council will also arrange for MPs and lords to swear their loyalty to the new British Monarch.

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Prince Charles on the power, new coins, notes, and stamps will be cast to reflect the new monarch.

Although, Queen is still alive and became healthy. We wish her healthy rest of the life.  




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