Home Article Who is Andrea Wendel Dating Currently? Know About Her Current Affairs and Relationship

Who is Andrea Wendel Dating Currently? Know About Her Current Affairs and Relationship

Updated On 12 Jul, 2023 Published On 26 Apr, 2017
Who is Andrea Wendel Dating Currently? Know About Her Current Affairs and Relationship

Andrea Wendel is rumored to be dating Alex Mandel. Find out more about her relationship with him and know about her previous relationship.

Andrea Wendel is a YouTuber, who is mostly seen on Whatever channel. She garnered a lot of fans all across the globe after her work as a prankster on YouTube.

Her humor and sexy body make her the perfect companion that one looks for in their partner. Now many of her fans would like to know about the current relationship status of the YouTuber. 

Today in this section we're going to draw the curtains on Andrea's personal life.

Andrea Wendel-Rumored Relationship with Alex Mandel

Wendel and Mandel, Wow!..the name sounds so good together, and not to mention they look so adorable together. Okay, jokes over, let's be more concrete about our speculation here.

Hot and Beautiful Andrea during her vacation, Source: IFunny

The news is in the market for some time now and many of her fans are already shipping both of them. Although she didn't reveal anything about her relationship with Alex Mandel, the photos say otherwise.

You know what they say about the cryptic messages, well, that's what Andrea's been giving for a while now. Posting pictures of her with her rumored boyfriend Alex


The Sun to my Moon

A post shared by Alex Mandel (@alexmandel) on


Vidcon, we're inside you

A post shared by Andrea (@andreawendel) on


What shenanigans did I get into yesterday with @alexmandel? check it out on his vlog channel!

A post shared by Andrea (@andreawendel) on

Posting pictures of her with her rumored boyfriend Alex. See for yourself and think, just think, what they're trying to imply here.

Alex with his girlfriend Andrea during his birthday

Get it, people they're dating and let us rejoice for our girl Andrea, as she may now get herself a good relationship. 

Check out the clip of Andrea Wendel and Alex Mandel's first date!

Want to check out some of their best moments together, then watch the video above.


Although the couple remains in a relationship, no formal announcement regarding their wedding has been made thus far. They have expressed their intention to savor the present and not rush into marriage, preferring to take their time and potentially consider it at a later point in the future.

Andrea Wendel Previous Relationship

Before her current rumored dating with Alex, she was in a relationship with another fellow YouTuber Daithi De Nogla.

Andrea with her ex-boyfriend Daithi

They looked good together but because things didn't work out they broke up. But guys we should applaud Andrea for her bold move to be good friends with her ex-boyfriend.

She still keeps photos of her boyfriend on her Instagram account and when people asked her why she keeps his photos even if they're not together, she replies, 

"Why would I delete pictures from a perfectly great relationship that just didnt work out? It made me very happy at the time, I can still appreciate it for what it was ☺ not all exs are evil hah"

Andrea and Alex-Happy Couple

Well, there it is, the big and kind heart of our beloved Andrea. We wish that this girl gets the perfect relationship that she deserves, be it with Alex or someone else.

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