Home Article Know about the YouTube sensation Caspar Lee's current dating life including his past relationships

Know about the YouTube sensation Caspar Lee's current dating life including his past relationships

Updated On 01 Feb, 2017 Published On 01 Feb, 2017
Know about the YouTube sensation Caspar Lee's current dating life including his past relationships

he is South African video blogger whose YouTube channel has earned over 7 million subscribers. He has collaborated with a number of other YouTubers including Troye Sivan and Joe Sugg.

The young heartthrob and YouTube sensation Caspar Lee has become the hot topic to discuss among the girls these days. This charming and adorably cute South African video blogger with more than 7 million YouTube subscribers and 3.8 M Instagram followers is rising, in fame with his creative yet extremely funny internet videos.   

Starting his video blogging career since 2011, Caspar has become every girl's fantasy and now everyone wants to know his dating profile and whether he's dating anyone right now or not. Without further ado, let's find out!

Caspar Lee is currently single

Raised in South Africa but now living in London, the popular video blogger Caspar is not dating anyone as he has not announced any such news publicly. He's single and super busy in his work.

However, rumors have been burning up like wildfire that, Caspar is secretly dating "a girl" and he has remained completely silent about this. Well, is this only a hoax or is it true? Only time will tell.

Caspar Lee's Dating History: He dated Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams

Well, this is not a new story to us as Caspar and Maisie Williams has been rumored of seeing each other since 2014.

Source: Teen

The two were seen hanging out together a number of times and the doubts even rose when Maisie was featured in one of Caspar's video- "BedRoom Advice" and yeah, both of them looked really comfortable with each other.

Not only that, they've posted really cute photos together on their social media pages and have also sent flirty tweets!

However, the supposed couple has not announced anything and we can't be sure that whether they are together or just a "good friends'!

Caspar publicly dated his fellow YouTuber Gaby Jones in 2013.

Teen.com reports that Caspar and Gaby officially started dating since October 2013 and even announced their relationship publicly by posting a video on YouTube called "Meet My Girlfriend Gaby".

The couple really looked adorable together, talking about each other and getting really comfy and cozy.

Sadly, this relationship could not work out and the duo split up in June of 2014. Reasons for their breakup have not been revealed, however, sources tell us that the duo parted ways based on mutual understanding.

Source: Sugarscape.com

Their split up broke the hearts of millions of fans and now they are still in touch as the good friends.

Caspar rumored of dating YouTuber and singer Rebecca Black

In 2013, Rebecca Black who is famous for her 2011 hit single "Friday"  supposedly dated the South African YouTuber Caspar. 

Source: Teen

The two went to an Orlando Magic basketball game with fellow YouTuber Marcus Butler, which sparked the speculation that their relationship was more than just friendly.

Here's a funny blooper video of Caspar Lee made on MyLifeAsEva's Channel. Enjoy watching!

All in all, we really hope this adorable and young star soon finds a serious relationship and settle down soon. We also wish him all the success and happiness in the future.

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