Home Article Is Jennifer Reyna Dating someone. Find out about her Relationship

Is Jennifer Reyna Dating someone. Find out about her Relationship

Updated On 28 Apr, 2017 Published On 28 Apr, 2017
Is Jennifer Reyna Dating someone. Find out about her Relationship

Jennifer Reyna is currently Single and not Dating anyone. She was once stalked by someone. Find out more.

Jennifer Reyna is one of those glamorous news reporters, who'll do whatever it takes to relay important messages to her viewers. It's weekends eve now and you are ready to go out with your friends.

Traffic is a big issue in the United States, but fret not, as Reyna will provide you with all the latest updates about the current traffic situation and you'll be able to plan better.

If you are a regular viewer of the KPRC 2 traffic update, then you know about her. But what you don't know is, her current relationship status or if she's dating someone.

Jennifer Reyna Relationship Status

She's one of the most sought after female reporters in our country but seems the girl wants to settle for nothing less than a perfect man.

Jennifer during the Christmas Eve at Houston, Source: The Appreciation

She joined the KPRC 2 network in 2006. Upon entering the newsroom, the TRP shoots over the building.

Many of the channel viewers generally come to take a closer look at the talented yet hottie reporter. Well, why wouldn't they, she maintained her figure in such a nice way that even big celebs will get envious.

Jennifer Reyna with her girlfriends at a local sports event, Source: Twitter

Jennifer Reyna Single for a long time

Many of you might be eager to know about this sexy reporter's relationship status.

Ole! Ole!...Reyna is single guys and we know how happy you feel right now.

Jennifer Reyna while reporting for a show, Source: Dailymail

You think you can woo this girl and take her out on a hot date, then go right ahead Man!, we did our job to relay the information that she's single, now all you gotta do is ask her out. 

Well, jokes apart, at the very least you're happy to know that she's single. But maybe she's dating someone and not revealing that person's identity.

Single and enjoying, Source: Pinterest

Aww!.. don't be sad as these are all speculations based on some random hypothesis. 


#Repost @heidiklum with @??? To all my girls ..... we know who we are

A post shared by Jennifer Reyna (@jenniferreynatv) on

Although Reyna does like living alone and enjoy her time without any burden. The quotes she posts on her Instagram account is evident about that.

Jennifer Reyna and Stalker

We all know that you love Reyna, but loving someone and stalking someone is a different story. You know what we're talking about, right?

Jennifer looking beautiful at the Office Party, Source: 2Cool Fishing

Yeah, the stalker incident that happened back in 2013. An unknown person used to follow the reporter wherever she goes.

Reyna filed a report to the local police station regarding the incident. After three months, police were able to nap the culprit from his apartment in Webster.

Christopher Olsen, the stalker, Source: Chron

The stalker's name was Christopher Olsen. Being a fan means you support and love your favorite star without any condition.

You can't expect them to be your friend or whatever.

Be a good samaritan, support your star, get inspired by them,but don't make them feel afraid and scared.

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