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Who is Melissa McCarthy Married to? Know about her husband and children

Updated On 30 Apr, 2023 Published On 05 Jan, 2017
Who is Melissa McCarthy Married to? Know about her husband and children

What happens when you and your partner both is big time comedian? A happy marriage is what happens. Let us take a look at the life of Melissa McCarthy and Bel Falcone.

Melissa Ann McCarthy is an American actress, comedian, writer, and fashion designer who is best known for her comedy timing and her ridiculously good sense of humor. She is married to another comedian named Bel Falcone and the couple is very happy with each other. They have two children between them and they are the happiest couple around. 

The couple married each other in 2005 and they are regarded as one of the most successful and cutest couples in Hollywood.

How did Melissa and Bel first meet?

As both of them are big-time comedians, they both met each other while working together. It seems they were so comfortable with each other that they both ended up getting married.

They still say that they always give space whenever they feel the need to and they deeply respect each other as well. 

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They first met in 1998 and according to Melissa as soon as they both saw each other they were pretty much attracting each other and when they both decided to get together they were pretty much inseparable.

Turning their love into marriage 

After dating for more than seven years, Melissa and Bel married each other on 8th of October in 2005. 

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The couple is living happily together as there was never a news regarding their relationship being bad or them being separated.

They are now married for more than a decade now and they will continue to live on together for many years to come.


Is it weird that Ben and I are still in costume? Something just feels right..

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Children with Bel Falcone

Melissa gave birth to their first child a baby girl on May 5, 2007. They named her Vivian Falcone, and the couple was very happy with the birth of their angelic daughter. 

Then on May 5, 2007, she gave birth to yet another cute and adorable daughter named Georgette Falcone

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The couple also owns their own production company named On the Day Productions.

The pair is very happy and currently they are working together for a new production and they are very happy with other and on top of that, they are blessed with two adorable daughters. What more can a couple ask for!!

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