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Wil Tabares: The Fascinating Story of Danny Pintauro's Beloved Husband

Updated On 26 May, 2023 Published On 26 May, 2023
Wil Tabares: The Fascinating Story of Danny Pintauro's Beloved Husband

Oh, have you heard the latest gossip? Let me spill the tea on Wil Tabares, the swoon-worthy Mexican-American singer, and actor who has been making waves in the entertainment world. But that's not the juiciest part of his story. No, no, it's his high-profile marriage to none other than American actor Danny Pintauro that has tongues wagging!

Wil Tabares And Danny Pintauro's Love Life!

Oh, honey, have you heard the latest scandalous gossip? Let me spill all the deets on Danny Pintauro, the former child star of "Who's the Boss?" fame, and his sizzling romance with the suave Spanish singer, Wil Tabares. Brace yourself, because this love story is one for the books!

Moreover, Cujo star has had his fair share of struggles on his path to self-discovery. In 2003, he received a shocking diagnosis—HIV. But that didn't stop him from rising like a phoenix from the ashes. Determined to become an advocate for those facing similar challenges, Pintauro embraced his new role as an HIV activist, shining a beacon of hope for the LGBTQ+ community. 

Wil Tabares and Danny Pintauro during their wedding ceremony.  

And who was by the media personality's side through it all? None other than the dashing Tabares. When Pintauro shared his battle with drug abuse in a tell-all interview with the legendary Oprah Winfrey, the star spouse, Wil proudly stood by his side. On Facebook, he declared his unwavering pride for his hubby, gushing about Danny's strength and resilience. Now, that's true love!

Moreover, the duo's love story reached its climax with a dreamy beachfront wedding in April 2014, in Dana Point, California. Picture this: a romantic ceremony with the ocean breeze caressing their cream-colored suits, and matching lavender boutonnieres adding a touch of magic to their special day in front of their loved ones. See another gay actor Matt Bomer's married life.

Also, the leading name couldn't contain his joy, as friends marveled at the beautiful scene, whispering, "Who would've thought our Danny boy would find his happily ever after? It's truly amazing!"

Since saying "I do," the love birds have been living their best lives. Huapango Torero singer dazzles as an entertainer and casino employee, while his companion manages a swanky Vegas restaurant. Oh, and let's not forget about their individual showbiz endeavors! Tabares has released a fabulous album titled "La Luz De La Luna," while the charming actor has made memorable appearances on hit TV shows like "The Weakest Link" and "The Secret Life of the American Teenager."

Moreover, this power couple has become an inspiring example of love and acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community. Pintauro can't stop gushing about his hunky partner, saying, "Wil is simply the best, and I'm over the moon to spend the rest of our lives together!" How utterly swoon-worthy!

How Do The Stunning Couple Manage Their Work & Family?

Gather 'round, gossip enthusiasts, because I've got some juicy tidbits about the delightful duo, Danny and his beau Wil, who stole our hearts on the hit sitcom "Who's the Boss?". These two lovebirds have been married for nine glorious years, and let me tell you, they've got it all figured out when it comes to juggling fame, family, and everything in between!

Wil Tabares and Danny Pintauro are a lovely duo in the show biz industry. 

Now, we all remember The Benikar Gang actor as the adorable Jonathan Bower on "Who's the Boss?"—a role that catapulted him to stardom throughout the '80s and '90s at his young career. But that's not all, folks! He's also graced the big screen with his presence, appearing in unforgettable films like "The Goonies", and "Cujo", and even making waves in the medical drama series "ER". Talk about a versatile talent!

And let's not forget about the handsome Tabares, the heartthrob who's captured our attention with his undeniable acting skills. You may have spotted him in fan-favorite shows like "The Good Place", "The Mindy Project", and the heartwarming drama series "The Fosters". But his talents don't end there, my friends! He's also a producer and the mastermind behind Tabares Productions. Can you say power couple?

Moreover, the Betterhalves' love story began several years ago, and from the moment they locked eyes, it was a match made in Hollywood heaven. They've been inseparable ever since, and their love has only blossomed over time. The secret to their success? Balancing their passion for work while nurturing their precious family.

During a candid interview with the queen of talk herself, Winfrey, Pintauro bravely shared his past struggles with drug abuse in the early 2000s. But fear not, dear readers, because the singer stood by his man with unwavering support and pride. He couldn't help but express his adoration, saying, "I couldn't be more proud of the man I call my husband. He's overcome so much, and I can only imagine the incredible journey he's been on."

So, how do they do it all? It's all about prioritizing the love mates' relationship and carving out time for their loved ones. They've mastered the art of supporting each other's careers, all while savoring the joys of family life. The Pintauro-Tabares clan knows how to make every moment count!

These lovebirds serve as a shining example of how to strike a harmonious balance between work and family. They've found the sweet spot where their careers thrive, love flourishes, and their family is the epicenter of their universe. As they eagerly await what the future holds, we'll be watching with bated breath, cheering on this sensational couple as they continue to conquer both Hollywood and their hearts!

How Wealthy Is Wil Tabares And Danny Pintauro?

Oh, my, my! If you thought The Quarantine Bunch actor and his partner's talents were jaw-dropping, wait until you hear about their lavish lifestyles and impressive net worths! These two celebrities are living the high life, with bank accounts that would make anyone's head spin.

Let's start with the dashing Wil. With a net worth estimated at a cool $200,000, this Spanish singer knows how to enjoy the finer things in life. From luxurious vacations to exotic destinations, his Instagram feed is a tantalizing display of opulence. 

Wil Tabares and Danny Pintauro live a lavish lifestyle.  

You'll find the celebrity sipping champagne on private yachts, strutting his stuff in designer threads on red carpets, and indulging in extravagant spa treatments fit for royalty. This star knows how to make every moment count and spare no expense when it comes to living the glamorous life.

But hold onto your hats because Danny takes luxury to a whole new level! With an estimated net worth of $600,000, this American actor is no stranger to the finer things in life. Picture this: designer suits tailored to perfection, driving around town in sleek sports cars that turn heads at every corner, and dining at the most exclusive restaurants where Michelin-starred chefs cater to his every culinary desire.

From the professional actor's sprawling mansion that boasts panoramic views of the city to his impressive collection of rare vintage wines, Pintauro knows how to embrace the lap of luxury with style.

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