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Is Joanna Levesque "Jo Jo" Dating right now? Find out her Relationship Status

Updated On 11 Jun, 2023 Published On 03 Jan, 2017
Is Joanna Levesque

The young and talented singer who beat the Billboard Pop Songs chart with her debut album "Leave(Get Out)", Joanna Levesque, popularly known as "Jojo" has surely established herself as a professional singer at such a young age. 

The singer/songwriter is very passionate about singing and her songs are mostly about love and heartbreaks. But what about JoJo's love affairs and relationships? Did she experience heartbreak too?  Let's find out.

What is JoJo Up To Now? Is She Dating Someone New Again?

Joanna Levesque "Jojo" isn't dating anyone at the moment. Even if she's been romantically linked to someone new, the starlet is yet to confirm her current relationship status. Further, she deleted every post that is related to her past affair or boyfriends.

Joanna was busy with her recently released music video "Sabotage" on December 4, 2019. She features alongside singer Chika in the song directed by James Larese.

The singer is very close to her male colleagues. Thus, as of November 20, 2019, JoJo showed her love and congratulated her friend and collaborator PJ Morton on his third Grammy nomination. She thanked him for asking her to be a part of that. 

While Chanel Iman's current relationship status is unknown, approximately a year ago, she was engaged to actor Dexter Darden. The couple's romantic journey began in the summer of 2020, and their love story reached a significant milestone when Dexter proposed to Chanel in a memorable and enchanting manner in December 2021.

Regrettably, their engagement did not lead to marriage, as the couple decided to part ways in November 2022.

JoJo's relationship with ex-boyfriend Freddy Adu

Jojo started dating when she was really young, only at the age of 15 years with famous soccer player Freddy Adu. They were romantically involved in May 2005.

Source: Fusion

The duo seemed to like each other very much and also appeared on the red carpet together. The young lovers gathered tons of fan followers and everyone was pretty much happy about their relationship.

How they first met?

The cute couple first met on the MTV show "Fake ID Club". Jojo was hosting the show when they encountered each other.

After their first meeting, they started to get along really well and eventually started dating. 

Source: Getty Images

Washington Post reported that the duo celebrated Freddy Adu's sweet 17 birthday on 2nd June 2006. They were looking really happy together.

The duo broke up after a year

However, who knew this incredible relationship was heading downhill? In September 2006, the duo shockingly ended their relationship.

Source: Pinterest

Maybe they had some misunderstandings or differences, but the real reason behind their break up has not been revealed yet.

JoJo and Jeremiah dated in 2009

After remaining single for more than three years, JoJo started dating music producer Jeremiah in 2009. They were spotted publicly, kissing each other and going on long romantic vacations.

As every story has its ending, this story also ended after two long years and they separated in 2011.

Who is she dating now?

As per our sources, JoJo is not dating anyone and is currently single. However, last year, E-news reportedly claimed that JoJo revealed that she's pregnant!!

She even tweeted about the big news, but the reality behind this controversial story is different.

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The 25-year-old singer told the sources that she's pregnant with the new album that she's busy recording.

She wrote:

"My ex is married and having a baby. I'm over here married to MUSIC and pregnant with this ALBUM,"

If you want to know more about JoJo, you can watch the video below here where she talks about her new album "Mad Love"

All in all, the beautiful and brilliant actress and singer is super busy with her career and not looking for relationships.

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We really hope she keeps producing great music and perhaps gets settled down later in the future, at the right time.

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