Home Article Entrepreneur Julia Kristal; Know about her Relationship, Affair, and Career here

Entrepreneur Julia Kristal; Know about her Relationship, Affair, and Career here

Updated On 11 Oct, 2017 Published On 11 Oct, 2017
Entrepreneur Julia Kristal; Know about her Relationship, Affair, and Career here

Artist, photographer and owner of All 4 Reborns Julia is achieving immense success in her professional career.

The owner and artist of 'All 4 Reborn' Julia Kristal is achieving great success in her work making realistic dolls and selling it all over the world.

Apart from her extra amazing career, her fans are also curious about her personal life. What is the relationship status of her? Is she already married or just dating someone? We have all the answers here. 

Julia Kristal: Her Current Life

Julia has spent all her time in creating new forms of realistic baby dolls as she was fond of dolls and babies since childhood.

Her creations look so real that each and every customer gets attracted to it. Her amazing polymer dolls have a good market in the United States including many countries across the globe.

Julia Kristal on the way, Source: Pictame

Besides her fantastic professional career, her personal life is a big mystery. She lives a very low-profile life and does not prefer to talk about her relationship status.  

The Reborn artist and photographer is out of the reach of media which is why we can only assume her being single with no news of dating someone or having a girlfriend.  



Julia Kristal: See Her Career

Julia initiated her career making reborn babies in the year 2011. She wanted to make more realistic dolls out of her knitted dolls and that's how she was introduced to the art form.

She searched realistic dolls in google and found beautiful reborn dolls and decided to pursue her career on that.  

"I've got to learn how to make those!". Thus began my journey..."

Julia worked in the Reborn Baby Community and started selling her creations over the US and overseas countries like Japan, Saudi Arabia, and others.

Furthermore, she has a strong link with her customers on Youtube and Facebook.

She practiced new forms, studies, and refineries in her task and produced new forms in her reborning. She addressed,

"My goal is to give each customer a product that is of high quality and represents what I would want to see in a reborn doll. I strive to make each reborn a remarkable baby that pulls at your heartstrings and gives everyone around you something to talk about."

"When people see my reborns in person, they say still have the amazement and wonder as the ones in the pictures in my shop. The photos in my shop were taken in natural light settings with no photo editing done at all. So what you see is what you get. And most people have touched these dolls before they realize that they are not real."

Well, if you guys want the realistic dolls just visit her shop and create your dream baby.

Quick Facts about Julia Kristal

Source: Twitter

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