Having a lot of fan following, Alison Kosik is an American journalist and CNN business correspondant who covers the New York Stock Exchange and is known to have a very powerful career. She might have been in the heart of many men as she has that astounding personality with the beauty one would love to have by their side.

Alison Kosik
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Having a tough job, she is managing not only her career but also her married life pretty successfully. Yes, if you are wonderinf whether Alison is married or not then you’ve already got your answer.

Alison's Married Life

She is married to Adam Huckett since the year 2008 and they are living their life happily. They have been with each other as husband and wife for 8 years but have lived with each other as lovemates or friends for a long time before vowing for a limetime promise. Alison and adam had a long term relationship, Adam being a Banker at New York beofre their marriage.

Alison Kosik
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Their Children

This couple is blessed with a daughter too, her name being Daisy Mae Huckett. Alison and Adam seem to really love their daughter and they have together raised her very calmly.


Strong relationships donot need to be shown much often on social sites and probably that’s why Alison’s instagram has a very few amount of pictures of her family life. She seems to be a devoted woman when it comes to her career. Her career is blooming and she posts pictures of her work life more often in her instagram.



All alone today while @victorblackwelltv is in Charleston #NewDaySunday

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Not only devotion, Alison also gives her full love for her job and is very happy with what she has not, whether it is about her profession or her marriage.


Alison's Previous Husbands

Although Alison and Adam are living a happy life, Adam is not the first person she has been married to. Alison has married twice before and her first husband, who is a mystery to people is reported to have had extra marital affairs amd that was the reason they got split. But what we know is that he was from Woodbury and their marriage lasted for 3 years.

But she did not give up on love and dated Pat Bergeson after that and eventually, her now husband, Adam Huckett.

And voila, we can see how good he has turned out to be for her. And this relationship is running smoothly so we can wish for their eternal togetherness.