Anne Hathaway sharing the great news for becoming the Mummy of the child from her husband Adam Shulman made a surprise to her fans for a while. But the fact is clear that the couples are soon becoming the father and mother of their very first child. Right after the long affair and dating within the couple that came as a huge rumor to the fans later officially declared about getting married made happiness to their fans. With the news of having a first child will be adding an additional happiness to the couple at the same time.  This news is provided by the multiple sources of information that added happiness in the life of this couple.

This 32 years actress was deeply in love with her boyfriend Schulman who later planned to get married and are having a happy love life now are together for more than 4 years of their love time. She is eagerly waiting for the day when someone says her mom and handles the new responsibility all across. They are planning for the long-term goal of the child. Even Shulman has planned the school where their baby will be joining. Anne also stated her husband is more excited than her regarding with the news of her pregnancy and the arrival of the new baby.

Shulman is a responsible husband and in later he will be an amazing father taking both care and responsibility of the mother and the child. She is planning to gift a watch to her husband thanking him for all the happiness and wealthy life provided by him. Even Shulman is planning to gift her new car thanking her after the news of the baby. Both the couple is making a regular visit to the doctor for the growth and development of the baby as well as the fit and healthy life of the mother.