Home Article Bad Boy Alum Robin Padilla Says He's The Jealous Type As a Husband

Bad Boy Alum Robin Padilla Says He's The Jealous Type As a Husband

Published On 08 Feb, 2019
Bad Boy Alum Robin Padilla Says He's The Jealous Type As a Husband

Robin Padilla, the widely acclaimed Filipino actor made a mark for himself playing the roles of gangsters in movies. Stepping outside the shoes of his on-screen persona he has admitted that he is a jealous husband.

  • Robin Padilla presently appeared as a guest on Magandang Buhay and opened up about his relationship with wife Mariel.
  • He confessed that he is a jealous type of husband.

Philipino actor, Robin Padilla famous for gangster roles in movies, opened up about his married life with wife Mariel Padilla. He confessed that he is the jealous type during Magandang Buhay's episode on February 7

 Robin and Mariel are in 8th year of their relationship
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Padilla is enjoying a blissful married life with Mariel. The duo has been enjoying each other's company as a husband and wife for a little over 8-years now sharing a child together, Maria Isabella Padilla.

He confessed on the show,

"In our relationship, I am the problem. (To His Wife) I can not say anything. I'm the number one jealous." 

He also revealed that he is an active audience of Its Showtime, Mariel's talk show. Robin would usually text his wife right away whenever a good-looking guest makes an appearance in the show.

He told during Magandang Buhay's show,

"I am like, I just want my wife. For example, I'm watching TV (and) they have a guest, I'm texting her right away, Is that something better for me?"

He defended himself by adding,

"Do not worry, I'm just nervous, not that jealous"

The couple married on August 19, 2010, in a ceremony in Agra, India. Their wedding was the talk of the town as the duo didn't reveal the true nature of their relationship status. The couple left the curious fans hanging until the next couple of months to confirm they actually got married in India.


It was also rumored that Robin and Mariel reportedly tie the knot in Baguio, in an Ibaloi ceremony, on September 13. The rumor was later bashed when they confirmed that they, in fact, married in India. 

YouTube: Mariel Rodriguez talks about Robin Padilla's jealousy 


Robin Padilla is a multi-awarded Filipino actor starring in famous movies like Mistah, Manila Boy, Barumbado and many more high grossing movies. He is famous for portraying gangster roles in the majority of his movies. He is also titled the 'Prince of Philippines Cinemas.' 

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