Darlene Rodriguez is working successfully in as a Co-anchor is married in her relationship status. Belonging from Puerto Rican American Ethnicity she is very positive and passionate about her career and her married life. Occupationally working as a Journalist and as well as making a wonderful presence as an anchor in NBC Today show, she is equally supportive to her husband in his working across. With the net worth of around 8 million dollars, she is living a happy life with her husband David Rodriguez across her city and reportedly this couple is planning to get a new house very soon.

Darlene is a very experienced reporter and journalist. With the beginning career from BroxNet cable television network, she so far has not seen to the back side of her career. She also has stated that the reason behind her success, in addition, is also because of the support of her understanding husband that she got as a real gift from the god. Her husband is a former police sergeant. This might also be the reason why his presence and popularity is low than that of Darlene since he is not a public figure all at all. He left his job after making a statement to the court that he tried to rape 17 years old girl.

The statement later got to know that there was no any intercourse among the two, therefore, he was set free after the few times within the discharge of the court. Darlene and David later got married and are presently living a healthy and wealthy life all across. There are no any issues relating to divorce the couple. She neither has any statement about her ex-husband and happy with her present married life with her children and adequate net worth. She also stated having David as her husband was her luckiest moment indeed.