Well, well, well there is amazing and hot news for all the beloved fans of Gio Benitez. You might be shocked or happy to hear that he is engaged with his boyfriend Tommy DiDario. When Gio Benitez got down within 1 knee and proposed his boyfriend Tommy, Tommy was actually surprised and happy to hear from Gio. They were within the Vacation in Europe. Tommy stated he felt like he was within the fairy movie scene playing an excellent role with love from his boyfriend. That picture was wonderfully caught by Pierre Torset who was the professional Paris photographer. The rumor is that this gay couple will be working together within an organization for a cause as a charity and will be getting married soon.

The popular actor and writer Tommy DiDario was happy and excited to share this news within the media about their announcement of engagement. They also posted the photos where they put on rings within their hands. This also appeared a top story within the social media all across.

Tommy further stated, “We are having awesome time together”.

He also thanked all his well-wishers and his fans for all the love care and support provided. Their fans are happy and excited after hearing the news that this couple got paired up in the most romantic city all across the world. Gio also shared a wonderful picture in Instagram that showed the perfect location for their romance. Tommy is happy to get the real and understanding partner for his life.

The picture upload by Tommy with the proposal made by Benitez was also captioned as “I am the luckiest guy because of Benitez. I found my Soul mate and love to spend rest of my life.” Tommy after sharing the Candid shots of the pair was also appreciated by his family and friends.

Congratulation to the newly couple!