Home Article Ireland Baldwin struggled with Drinking Coffee after suffering from Anxiety Attack

Ireland Baldwin struggled with Drinking Coffee after suffering from Anxiety Attack

Updated On 08 Mar, 2022 Published On 07 Mar, 2022
Ireland Baldwin struggled with Drinking Coffee after suffering from Anxiety Attack

On Saturday, model Ireland Baldwin shared a candid picture of herself having an anxiety attack. D.J states concerned about struggling with drinking coffee ever since being diagnosed with panic attacks.

On March 5, famous model and DJ Ireland Baldwin shared a series of her pictures struggling with an anxiety attack after drinking coffee, which landed her trying to calm down.

The 26-year old snapped a photo of herself with her eyes closed, holding her legs. Ireland said that she had a cup of coffee on an empty stomach and ended up on her bathroom floor. 

Ireland Baldwin posted a snap of herself with her eyes closed holding her legs. SOURCE: Instagram(@irelandbasingerbaldwin)

In the caption of the photo, Alec Baldwin's daughter captioned," coffee is a major esophageal irrigator and reflux trigger for me, which leads to anxiety. If you are an anxiety sufferer like myself, coffee isn't your friend!"

Further, Ireland jokingly calls herself a "silly goose" for drinking the caffeine before motivating her fans to open up if they are experiencing similar issues.

Ireland Baldwin struggled with Drinking Coffee after suffering from an Anxiety Attack. SOURCE: Instagram(@irelandbasingerbaldwin)

In addition, Ireland addresses her mental struggles to help others. She continued," Writing this and being open with you all about my struggles allows it to pass. If coffee makes you s- your pin January. I want anyone who suffers from their anxieties to know that I am here and you are not alone."

Ireland received support in the comment section from the fans and celebrities. It includes the likes of actress Brittany Furlan, who said," Oh honey. No caffeine for us. You got this. Ice your chest if you can. Her father showed his love with a comment," I love you."

Ireland Baldwin with her partner Andre Allen Anjos. SOURCE: Instagram(@irelandbasingerbaldwin)

2022 isn't the first time Baldwin has been candid about her life and struggles online, including a bloody injury she got during a babysitting gig last year.

In February, the model posted a photo with a blood pressure machine, saying she ordered a blood pressure monitor to read her heart rate accurately. She bought the device not for its ad but as a precaution to save her from having a heart attack, also known as cardiophobia.

Here's the video of Ireland Baldwin shared a photo of herself having an anxiety attack.

During the time, Baldwin said her anxiety attacks had gotten so bad that she called ambulances and went to hospitals to ensure her heart was okay. In January, the lady told her that while she doesnt believe in taking anxiety medications, she understands" some people need their medications."

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