Will Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell have their wedding on TV? That is the thing that fans have been asking since they got attracted to each other in The Bachelor finale!

Ben and Lauren haven't confirmed about it whether they'll have a wedding on TV. Before, Ben told a source, "We're interested in it. I think it'd be enjoyable."

One of the sources additionally inquired as to whether they'd get hitched on TV or have a private wedding and he said, "That is a decent question, one that we haven't talked about completely yet. We need a wedding for sure. In any case, we likewise need to attempt and take things as typical as it would be prudent until further notice. We are interested in anything I think."

Lauren, then, said that they "need to impart our wedding life to everybody who's been strong and that incorporates Bachelor Nation."

One thing we do know that Ben and Lauren won't hold up long to get hitched. Ben and Lauren have both said that they don't need a long engagement. Actually, Ben had beforehand said that he needs to get hitched in late 2016 or mid-2017.


Bits of gossip have been whirling that Ben and Lauren are wanting to get hitched this late spring and that it will be on TV. Sources said that Ben and Lauren will get hitched "soon, presumably this late spring" and that "It would be an ABC unique."


In the event that they do get hitched on TV like bits of gossip recommend, Ben and Lauren will get the opportunity to make truly luxurious wedding arrangements. They would be paid for the greater part of the points of interest like the venue and the blossom game plans.

Ben Higgins proposed to Lauren Bushnell on 'The Bachelor' finale.

So what sort of wedding are Ben and Lauren arranging? Indeed, we can expect a great deal of Bachelor alumnus to be there. What's more, Ben and Lauren's wedding will be one colossal gathering.

"I need a tremendous gathering. How regularly in life do every one of your loved ones accumulate in one space to celebrate something? Why should get hitched tomorrow when we can arrange a major ass party?" Ben told one of the tabloids.

Ben and Lauren got to know each other in The Bachelor finale. Lauren has subsequently moved to Denver to be with Ben.



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