Time and again people are asking about John Cusack personal life as whether he is married or still single. Well! It is pretty much sure that John is single for now but the reason behind questioning his personal affair is because of his long list of girlfriends and dating in the past times. It is stated that his longest relationship he ever stayed was around 6 years 2 months of time and the average length of his relationship is around 1 year 5 months of time as flashed among the public. His last girlfriend name is Brooke Burns whom he dated from 2010 till 2011 of time. Similar to that in the year 2004 he was also having his affair with girlfriend Rebecca Romjin.

Among all these according to John, his most serious relationship which he ever stayed was with Jodi Lyn O’Keefe whom he remained in an affair with the time of 2003 till 2009. They were even rumored of getting married but they broke up due to some of the official reasons. John has also got rumored and linked up with many other celebrities like Alexandra Kerry and Jennifer Love Hewitt with whom he never been into any affair or dating being more than good friends.

John's very first relationship was with Huma Abedin whom he states as the best time he ever spent. John never had his wedding with any of them or got any child. Though he is a family oriented person he never planned to turn his relation into married life indicating his wife. But by now he seems serious in his relation and searching for a good partner whom he can spend rest of his life. Therefore, he is sure of being single looking for a good person in his life for the love and affection and also can understand him much. John is not gay.