Home Article Lukas Gage Turned Down The Request To Identify Sexuality Amid Backlash for LGBTQ Characters

Lukas Gage Turned Down The Request To Identify Sexuality Amid Backlash for LGBTQ Characters

Updated On 13 Mar, 2023 Published On 13 Mar, 2023
Lukas Gage Turned Down The Request To Identify Sexuality Amid Backlash for LGBTQ Characters

The 27-year-old actor Lukas Gage while speaking about the sexual orientation of his erotic on-screen portrayals, would like to remain secretive regarding his matters. And recently, Lukas revealed to The New York Times an agent dropped him.

The You actor Lukas Cage opens up by saying he was pressurized by an agent for not labeling his sexual orientation. He is achieving great in the showbiz industry and the moment he uploaded a sequence of IG images with hairstylist Chris Appleton and social media quickly them into a relationship.

Lukas Gage was rumored to be dating hairstylist Chris Appleton.  SOURCE: Instagram

Lukas revealed to The New York Times," An agent that dropped me was like, ' Stop dyeing your hair, stop wearing weird clothes, and pick a lane: gay, bi or straight. It's too confusing. I understand  representational voice that needs to be heard but I don't want to do anything on anyone's accord but my own."

Further, he continued, "Let me do it when I'm ready. And it's acting. I feel like everyone should get the opportunity to play whatever they want. I'm a pretty open book about most things in my life, but I have a problem with the culture of everyone needing to know everybody's business and nothing can be scared."

One of the Twitter users took to his page to criticize Lukas writing, "You don't know my alphabet." In the comment section, the actor replied with the word "no" when questioned to enlighten the world.

Despite the TV star's yet to talk about his sexuality in public. His numerous roles as LGBTQ+ were The White Lotus, Love, Victor, and recent You. Also, he stated of not willing to do any kind of sex scenes that specify fidelity in his married life. He said the discourse around sex scenes is a little weird.

Well, Lukas gets a number of backlash in his messages which says that it was disgusting.  As per him, a lot of people can have a tough time differentiating the actor from the character, and then all of the sudden, people came up to him at Starbucks and started questioning if the sexually charged show-stealing scenes were real or not.

Also, Gage told that he initially auditioned for the leading role of a stalker and a serial killer Joe in You, which eventually went to Penn Badgley.  The actor remembered the time when he was a teenager, people were critically judging his body future and commenting about him telling things were wrong with his face. He had to stop commercial auditioning when he was young as it made him dysmorphic.

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