Home Article Myleene Klass Confirms Her Pregnancy With Third Child In Valentine's Day

Myleene Klass Confirms Her Pregnancy With Third Child In Valentine's Day

Published On 15 Feb, 2019
Myleene Klass Confirms Her Pregnancy With Third Child In Valentine's Day

Myleene Klass, the widely acclaimed musician and singer, is in the verge of welcoming a tender pair of footsteps into the world. She revealed the good news on Thursday through a Twitter post.

  • Myleene Klass opened up about the baby on the way through a Tweet on Valentine's day.
  • The unborn is the lovechild of Myleene and her boyfriend Simon Motson.
  • She is the mother to two daughters from her past relationship.

Myleene Klass revealed she's expecting her third baby through an adorable post on Thursday.

She took to Twitter on Valentine's day to let the world know that her baby's on the way. She let her fans in on the good news as she sheltered her bump on the photo.

Myleene and her adorable baby bump
SOURCE: Mirror

She rocked black lingerie while holding her blossoming bump in the elegant photo. Fans showered her with well wishes and congratulations as the post hit the social media platform yesterday.


Myleene, 40, is in a relationship with PR Simon Motson for a little over three years. The duo is living happily in each other's presence as of now. 

Prior to the relationship with Motson, she eloped with Graham Quinn who is a celebrity bodyguard. The former couple also shares two daughters, Ava Quinn, and Hero Quinn.

Klass with her ex-husband and daughter
SOURCE: Daily Mail

Although the couple was very much in love while they exchanged their wedding vows back in 2011, they called it quits after six months of their union. Reportedly, her then-husband walked out on her without any warning on the day of her 34th birthday.

The TV and radio presenter, moreover, struggled from alcohol abuse after the split with her husband. She revealed about her secret drinking problem after she left husband Graham Quinn through a podcast aired on Yahoo's White Wine Question Time on January 2019.

She opened up about her hidden problems while chatting with friends Tamzin Outhwaite, Julie Graham, and Kate Thornton during the podcast. Myleene admitted to staying up all night drinking and waking up hours later to dink some more.

She also confessed that she was completely taken by surprise when Quinn just left her without any prior notice. She later found out that he purchased a secret bachelor pad which suggests that the celebrity bodyguard was actually planning to leave for a while.

Even though the past happenings in the life of Myleene Klass were pretty sour, the future sure holds a lot of potential for happiness. With the fulfilling relationship with her current boyfriend and the third baby on the way, her life is surely in a happiness streak.  

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