Spencer Margaret Richmond is a daughter of popular Jaclyn Smith. She was born on December 4, 1985. She was born in Los Angeles, California of United States. Being the daughter of Jaclyn Smith Spencer is highly inspired by her mother. She states, her mother is her role model and her idol. She is the younger sister of Gaston Richmond and stepsdaughter of Brad Allen who is professionally a doctor. Being a granddaughter of Margaret Ellen Smith, she is a beloved grandchild out of the other children. She further states Kate Jackson as her godmother who showed her a correct path to the success in each and every step of her life.

Spencer Margaret states being the younger sister of George Richmond and Jonathan Chunky” she grabbed the more attention from elders. After being into a long relationship and dating her boyfriend named Fran Kranz in the year 2015 on August 15, she states she is lucky to have him as her life partner. This newly married couple is having a successful marital relation and no any issues for the divorce regarding this couple. Being the wife of Fran, Spencer states he is very kind and helpful in nature. This also proves that they are successful in their career as well as with their wealthy net worth.

Spencer is a very fortunate lady. She is very happy to have a mother like Jaclyn Smith. She loves travelling new places with her husband. She also enjoys cooking with her favorite dish that is the noodles. She is also regular with her business activities and helping her husband establishing as a successful entrepreneur. She is also planning to have a baby but has not disclosed what she is actually waiting for. She is also providing a monetary support to her siblings for building up their career so far. Spencer herself is a great idol seen so far.