The popular journalist and political commentator ‘Mollie Hemingway’ is currently served as the senior editor at the online magazine. Her tremendously outstanding performance on television is really well appreciated.     

Despite her professional life, how many of you knew her personally. Well, if your answer is no then don’t worry because we are here to provide you every detail about her personal life.

So stay with us!!

Mollie Hemingway and her husband Mark Hemingway    

Mollie met her now husband for the first time at her workplace in Northern Virginia where Mark was hired as a new employee. 

He found Mollie very attractive and wanted to be with her forever and he did not wait for any longer to change their friendship into a relationship.

Mollie Hemingway with husband Mark, Source: The Federalist

On September 15, 2006, Mollie and Mark exchanged the vows and committed towards one another. 

According to the source, their wedding was a private ceremony where only close friends and family were invited.

They both belong to the same fraternity and that might be the reason of their togetherness as they understood each other's job very well.

In an interview with Pulliam Fellows, Source: Hills Dale Collegian

Last year, Mollie shared a picture with her husband in a twitter captioning by ‘Happy anniversary’. Check it out!

Nowadays, it’s really hard to find out the long-term married life especially between celebrities but Mollie and Mark prove the statement wrong with their 11-yearr long relationship.

They are extremely happy with their married life and that’s why we never heard any rumors regarding their split or having an extramarital affair.

About their Children

The duo was blessed with two beautiful children. Mollie often shared her kid’s activity and pictures on twitter which looks really cute.

In an interview, when a reporter asked duo about the balance between work and family, they sincerely replied,

“We both work very hard and even more than that, we make sure that we get to spend time with our kids and with each other. And we are also apart in many things from career and family that keep us focused.”

Mollie Hemingway a Modern feminist

The 43-year-old writer turned editor is a lightning rod in the debates about feminism and religious liberty. In 2014 she wrote an article on Federalist about the

In 2014 she wrote an article on Federalist about the Seven Most Ridiculous Things about the New ‘Ban Bossy’ Campaign. She also published an article about religious liberty issues.

Mollie Hemingway, Source: NY Times

She often writes about the women empowerment and rights which always catch the eye of media. In March 2016 she wrote about the Donald trump campaign as he dominates the women.

She occasionally refers to natural marriage in her political writing as well as she involved in many women and children development welfare. 

Considering her amazing career surely she has a good amount of net worth.

Mollie, Source: Rare

We want to wish Mollie a very happy and successful professional as well as personal life and want to appreciate her for work which she has done for women and children welfare.