Home Article Carl Azuz; Is the CNN anchor Dating someone or already Married. Know about his Relationship status

Carl Azuz; Is the CNN anchor Dating someone or already Married. Know about his Relationship status

Updated On 06 Sep, 2018 Published On 28 Apr, 2017
 Carl Azuz; Is the CNN anchor Dating someone or already Married. Know about his Relationship status

CNN anchor Carl Azuz rumored to be getting engaged and married soon but has not confirmed soon. Still single with no children.

Sometimes he is the scriptwriter, sometimes reporter and sometimes producer of his own show. This man has covered everything going around the globe providing all the information to the general public, especially students.

Ladies and gentlemen, we introduce you to the charismatic and funny anchor of CNN 10, Carl Azuz who is popular for his 10-minute digital news, which involves funny puns and interesting topics.

The anchor is famous for his puns, but now, everyone wants to know how serious he is in his real life. Is he in a committed relationship with his girlfriend or is he already married?

To know the answer keep reading down the page. Let's begin!                               

No Signs Of Girlfriend Or Wife Of Famous CNN Anchor Carl Azuz

A man with a good sense of humor is pretty great in impressing the ladies but the same cannot be said for the popular host of CNN 10, Carl Azuz.

As open as he seems while sharing his thoughts and funny puns, he has however chosen to maintain a low profile regarding his personal life and relationships.

CNN 10's host Carl Azuz in a photoshoot

Source: CNN

He's not been linked with any woman so far, neither he has announced any news about him dating someone or getting engaged.

Carl Azuz in his beard looks

Source: Twitter

But, before jumping to any conclusions, we found something that would definitely surprise you.

Back in November 2016,  Carl was mentioned in a Twitter post by Alex Coke who could probably be his friend. He tagged Carl with a photo of a hand of a woman wearing an engagement ring!!

The caption has raised a lot of eyebrows to know whether this irresistible man is already taken or not. Carl, too, has not confirmed anything about this ongoing rumors of him getting engaged and marrying soon his mysterious wife.

As for now, all we can say is that the handsome Carl is still single and neither married or engaged. Good news for all his ladies fans!

Carl Azuz's Journey In CNN

Most of you might not know this, but Carl has served a significant amount of years working for CNN.

Today, he is the smartest and talented anchor of CNN 10, but before this, he used to work as a writer and associate producer for CNN international.

Carl Azuz posing with his sweater

Source: Twitter

Later on, he started working on different stories including, the U.S. debt limit, the costs of college, the history of U.S. Postal services, Atlanta Public Schools cheating scandal and much more.


Pun of the Day! "I'm glad I know sign language, it's pretty handy!" #punoftheday #pun #carlazuz #cnn #cnnstudentnews

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His wide range of news and information, delivered in the most simplistic yet logical way, has made him more popular among all group of people, most especially teenage students.


Just hanging out with one of our schools from todays Roll Call. GO COYOTES!!!!!!!

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Carl Azuz Student CNN News is gaining worldwide popularity and millions of views worldwide. To add more, he has participated in public speaking events across the country.

His speeches have been heard at national conventions, workshops, charity events, and graduation ceremonies and his funny puns are popular all over the internet.

Carl Azuz pictures of his puns

Source: Pinterest

Here's a video of CNN 10's host Carl on his 10 minute CNN student News. Enjoy watching!

Azuz's show has grabbed many awards and he's also interviewed students for CNN’s “Fix Our Schools” series to explore the impact of technology on teenagers. The show and its companion websites are available free of charge throughout the school year.

We salute the man for his huge contribution to the news industry and hope he finds his leading lady soon and settles down starting a beautiful family.

Carl Azuz: Quick Facts

  • Born in the United States.
  • His birth sign is Leo.
  • He earned a Bachelor's degree in Telecommunication Arts Production from the University of Georgia.
  • He stands at a height of 6 feet 2 inch.

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