Home Article '13 reasons why' co-stars Katherine Langford and Dylan Minnette are rumored to be Dating. Find out the truth here

'13 reasons why' co-stars Katherine Langford and Dylan Minnette are rumored to be Dating. Find out the truth here

Updated On 30 Apr, 2017 Published On 30 Apr, 2017
'13 reasons why' co-stars Katherine Langford and Dylan Minnette are rumored to be Dating. Find out the truth here

13 reasons why starlet Katherine Langford rumored to be dating co-star Dylan Minette. Katherine has no boyfriends so far and still single.

If you've heard of recent most famous Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why or have even binge-watched every episode of it overnight, then you must surely adore the cutest couple of the series, Clay, and Hannah.

The disturbed and mentally abused character of a 17-year-old Hannah is portrayed by the gorgeous and rising actress of Hollywood, Katherine Langford and she's literally stolen the spotlight of H-town.

Her lead debut as Hannah has made her one of the rising stars of the industry and it won't be a problem to say that you all have googled all about her and her personal life. But do you really know all the details about her? Do you know if she's single or dating?

If not, then you've landed in the right place. We'll let you know everything about the beautiful actress. Let's begin!

13 Reasons why co-stars Katherine Langford and Dylan Minette rumored to be dating

Could this be true?       

The 21-year-old actress Katherine Langford is hovering a new rumor in the tinsel town that she's dating her co-star, actor Dylan Minette.

Actor Dylan Minnette (L) and actress Katherine Langford attending the Premiere of Netflix's series, 13 Reasons Why, Source: Getty Images

This on-screen adorable couple has won hearts of millions and although they could not perfect their romance in the series, all of their fans have pretty high hopes that they might reunite in their real life.



Not only this, in an interview with MTV, Katherine gushed about how amazing Dylan is while working. She quoted,

"Dylan Minette is so generous and kind and courteous and he's pretty much Clay. Clay is sweet and lovely and just ever-giving to Hannah."

 She further added,

"Every time I got on set — playing Hannah Baker — it's kind of like going through six months of bullying. But every single scene I had with Dylan, it would put a smile on my face. He would always be there to kind of lighten the day."

Despite the fact that this show revolves around different terrible and spine-chilling incidents which Hannah goes through, it's always refreshing to watch Clay and Hannah's sweet moments together.


Dylan Minette (Clay) and Katherine Langford (Hannah) in one of their series scenes, Source: Seventeen


Clearly not very good at this photo-taking thing... Dankeschön Berlin!

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And now, their perfect chemistry has led a lot of doubts and speculations that the pair might be dating but before jumping to any conclusions let's first find out if Dylan already has someone special in his life.

Dylan Minette dating girlfriend Kerris Dorsey

Well, Katherine and Dylan are indeed, just an imaginary couple and those were all just hearsays.

The 20-year-old Goosebumps actors, Dylan is already off the market as he is dating his Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad co-star, Kerry Dorsey.

 Dylan with his girlfriend Kerry, Source: J-14

The pair has been in a relationship since 2011 as they co-starred in hit movie Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad featuring Jennifer Garner and Steve Carell.

The couple looks really adorable together and keeping aside all the rumors about Dylan dating Katherine, we wish him and Kerry best wishes and hope they soon tie the knots in future.

And for Katherine, she's not dating anyone and super focused on her career. Just recently she released her new song on YouTube, which sources reports to be a lesbian song that she wrote appreciating her high school crush, Zoe Bosch.

All in all, we wish this new superstar best wishes for her future endeavours and would love to see more of her movies hitting the theatres soon.

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