Home Article Actress Grace Helbig is single. Find out why she was rumored to be a lesbian?

Actress Grace Helbig is single. Find out why she was rumored to be a lesbian?

Updated On 12 Apr, 2019 Published On 31 Mar, 2017
Actress Grace Helbig is single. Find out why she was rumored to be a lesbian?

Grace Helbig is one of the renowned YouTuber and her channel has a lot of followers. She has never revealed anything about her boyfriend. Let us find out more about her current relationship status.

Bold and beautiful; Grace Helbig has always surrounded her personal life with mystery and which is why she has made very difficult for us to know about her life. 

We can not believe that the girl as gorgeous as she is do not have a boyfriend or is not dating anyone so, let us see whether there is someone special in her life or not. 

Grace Helbig and Chester See-Rumored Couple

Grace and Chester See has been linked with each other for a long time now. The rumor started when both of them collaborated for a video. 

Cute Grace Helbig, Source: Wicky Picky

Both of them never revealed anything about their relationship. In one of her video, she was about to reveal the name of her boyfriend. 

Grace with her rumored boyfriend Chester See, Source: Pod Castles

The name of the video was "My Boyfriend" and all of us were taken to an edge until the end of the video. Around the time when she was about to tell about her boyfriend, the video was muted, sigh!!

But after carefully looking at her lips while the video was muted, she was saying, "I have a boyfriend."

Well, that was a surprising revelation but no one was able to decode the name of her boyfriend, if she ever said that, though!!

Both Grace and Chester always makes videos together and their chemistry is good so many of us are taking shots at whether they are in a relationship or not.

Watch one of their videos and say for yourself!!

Grace Helbig- Rumored to be a Lesbian

Well, we've all been there and we all know it's pretty offensive to comment about someone's sexual orientation. 

Grace with her good friend Tyler Oakley

Grace Helbig is a very big supporter of the Transgender and LGBT cult and she has gone to various events to support them.


I think what @jearsleeper says here is important. ---------------------------- #Repost @jearsleeper: Obviously. Here's why this matters, I think: something will happen around one of the people who sees these banners go up today. Something will happen, you'll see a kid getting fucked with. Might not even be a trans kid. Might not be a kid. But someone's gonna get fucked with and you'll be nearby. And these dumb little reminders will pop into your head. "Oh I liked that thing that said protect on it. Do I really feel that way? Is that who I am? I'm scared though, this feels weird. I guess if that's who I am I gotta do things like that." And then you'll insert yourself in the situation and now that bully won't be fucking with one person, they'll be fucking with two. Have each other's backs, you know? Obviously.

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She has never revealed anything about her boyfriend so people are taking wild guesses that she is lesbian but you cannot be so sure about someone's orientation.

Grace Helbig-A woman with Pride

Maybe she likes staying single or maybe she has a secret boyfriend. But until and unless she herself comes out as gay, we cannot say anything about her orientation.

She is also very good friends with Tyler Oakley, a very big LGBT advocate.

We are happy that she is a big supporter of them and even if she comes out as gay then we as her true loyal fans will definitely support her.

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