Peter Billingsley, best known for his role of a kid,  Ralphie Parker in 1983 hit movie, A Christmas Story, is now all grown up to be a handsome actor, director as well as a producer.

His contributions behind the screens have gained him much recognition as compared to his onscreen performances and now, everyone wants to know all the details about this great producer and director.

He has not been linked with any woman and the reason behind this is that he is in a committed relationship with his long-time girlfriend, Buffy Bains and the good news is that they got happily engaged in 2015.

Let's talk in detail about this wonderful couple in today's section.       

Actor Peter Billingsley engaged to longtime girlfriend Buffy Bains. Are they getting married?

The 46-year-old actor who made his mark in the Hollywood by playing Ralphie in the hit movie, A Christmas Story is already off the market!

Peter Billingsleyat  Los Angeles Premiere of ''Couples Retreat'' held at Mann's Village Theatre, California - 2009, Source: BuddyTV

He is happily engaged to Buffy Bains. The pair, however, has not announced anything about planning for a grand wedding, but we sure are dying to see him looking handsome in the groom suit with his gorgeous soon to be wife, Buffy.

Buffy Baines, fiance of Peter Billingsley, Source: AR15

Peter has remained under the radar for many years and has hardly revealed details about his personal life and relationships.

Buffy Bains, Source: Twitter

However, he previously spoke about marriage during his friend, actor Vince Vaughn's engagement, quoting,

"I'm very happy for Vince. He's marrying an amazing girl. It's a natural cycle of life that we all go in."

He also revealed that he's best pals with Vince as he's seen hanging out most of the time.

So, we can guess he'll definitely make it official any time soon.

Life after A Christmas Story for Peter

At the first glance on your TV or a magazine, you guys might only recognize him as Ralphie, but not as a popular actor.

Peter Billingsley in a photo shoot, Source: Buzzfeed

Despite his low profile in Hollywood, he's made it big as a producer in hit movies including 2001’s Made, 2003’s Elf, 2006’s The Break-Up, 2008’s Four Christmases, and 2009’s Couples Retreat (his first directorial debut).

Peter Billingsley behind the screens of his first directorial debut movie, Couples Retreat, Source: Buzzfeed

In a recent interview with Buzzfeed, Peter revealed how he has kept his character, Ralphie alive in his heart through all these years.

He told,

"People keep watching the movie over and over and over and I too watch it during the holidays. It just doesn't go away. 

I'd seen a lot of child actors force themselves to grow up. They would change their name from Ricky to Rick and put on jeans and pierce their ear and let the world know they were an adult. 

But I've never grown apart from the movie. It's a very good movie." 

Peter still remembers how he was very excited to do the part in that movie. He had flown away to L.A. for auditions with his parents and after the auditions, he didn't hear from the director for a very long time.

He thought that he had lost the role but the film's director Bob Clark chose him after hundreds of audition and he bagged the lead role in all time Christmas' best movie, A Christmas Story.

Here's a video of Couples Retreat director Peter Billingsley talking about his movie.

As for now, he's pursuing his directorial career as he directed another movie Term Life and hope he continues to keep giving best movies in his future.