Not every celebrity feels the need to be an open book when it concerns their personal life. Some prefer to be selectively private about certain matters while others do not give away anything at all.

Stephen A. Smith is one such TV personality whose lips seem always sealed whenever his love life is inquired. The ESPN presenter never holds back speaking his mind even if it backfires, but the same can't be said when he's asked about his dating endeavors.

Is Stephen A. Smith Dating Or Married?

The speaking skill of the outspoken Stephen A. Smith is obvious for everyone to see. However, Smith isn't even close to being expressive when it concerns his personal life.

Stephen A. Smith is secretive about his personal life
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There are several rumors that Smith is married, but he has not opened up about his relationship status nor about his rumored offsprings.

Without any concrete evidence to prove his marital status, Smith is believed to be single, even though there is a likely possibility that he could be married or even divorced.

Earlier, some sources claimed that Smith was dating his girlfriend. He was spotted with a lady friend back in 2011. They were seen together at the 2nd annual Steve Harvey Foundation Gala at Cipriani, Wall Street in New York City.


Stephen A. Smith and his friend attending an event in 2011
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Smith could be on his way to marriage or this mysterious lady could just be another friend of this sports commentator. Nothing can really be said with certainty. We are hoping to learn more about this private personality when he finally opens his sealed lips regarding his love life.

Stephen A. Smith Appears Synonymous To Controversial Comments

Stephen A. Smith never seems to shy away from making controversial remarks. The man himself admitted he has a big mouth and rightly so. Moreover, Smith is best known for provocative analysis and dour delivery.

On 25th July 2014, Smith made controversial remarks on the show ESPN First Take where he said women may provoke domestic abuse. The TV host received heavy criticisms for his remarks - this most notably included comments on Twitter from ESPN reporter Michelle Beadle.

On a taped segment on ESPN, Smith subsequently apologized for his words. Smith was suspended by ESPN for a week on 29th July 2014. He did not appear on any of their programs again until 6th August 2014.

On 11th June 2015, Smith received criticism for a comment he made about female football players during the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup.

A replay was shown on Sportscenter of a goal scored by Norway via a free kick against Germany. Co-host Tim Legler pointed out the German players formed the wall only to turn their heads as the ball passed by.

Smith joked that the players "might not have wanted to mess up their hair". The comment was received negatively as it got classed as a poor joke. He was also criticized for being sexist.

ESPN said they spoke with Smith about the comment. Later the sports presenter apologized in a series of tweets.

In April 2017, ESPN decided to lay off 100 employees. Former Sports Illustrated reporter Jeff Pearlman questioned why the network didn't cut off some of the reputable names like Stephen A. Smith.

Perlman wrote on Twitter 'Smith and his multimillion-dollar salary was safe because he's really good at Yelling'. Stephen tweeted he can't wait to respond to Perlman in his radio show.

Smith later responded on 4th May 2017 through his radio talk show. He said:

"Your numbers are wrong, Mr. Pearlman, but that's beside the point. The real issue at hand is, what you're bringing into question are my qualifications."

Smith added:

"But if I were to be that lowlife, at least I would have the decency to recognize someone's credentials. I used to be a journalist? ... I came up in this industry at a time where you had to be a journalist. You had to break stories. You had to break news to elevate your career to get to a certain point and a certain level in this business, before you even had the license to give your opinion, especially if you were a black man."

The Sports presented concluded by pointing out Mr. Pearlman's skin colour, the fact that he's not black which may be the reason he is unable to understand where Smith is coming from and quick to criticize what he deserves.

Smith believes his resume is there for everyone to see and his credentials speak for themselves. The ESPN presenter claimed he's sick and tired of people coming at him.

Stephen A. Smith is certainly one fiery character who never appears to back down from the war of words!

Stephen A. Smith: Quick Facts


Source: Celebrity Net Worth
  • Born on 14th October 1967 in New York City.
  • His birth sign is Libra.
  • His father, a native of the St. Thomas Virgin Islands, was an impressive baseball player.
  • He was raised alongside four older sisters and a younger brother.
  • His younger brother Basil Smith tragically passed away in a car accident in 1992.
  • He graduated from Thomas Edison High School in Queens.
  • He played college basketball at North Carolina's Winston-Salem State University.
  • He hosted for ESPEN radio and ESPN's Quite Frankly.
  • He covered the 76ers for The Philadelphia Inquirer which helped him kickstart his career as a sports columnist.
  • His net worth is estimated to be $10 million.