Home Article South African-British Musician Johnny Flynn Married to Wife Beatrice Minns Since 2011!Has Three Kids

South African-British Musician Johnny Flynn Married to Wife Beatrice Minns Since 2011!Has Three Kids

Updated On 15 Aug, 2023 Published On 11 Jun, 2018
South African-British Musician Johnny Flynn Married to Wife Beatrice Minns Since 2011!Has Three Kids

Johnny Flynn is married to Beatrice Minns. Despite some hurdles along the way, the couple was destined to be together.

Some relationships are meant to be, no matter how much the universe tests them by plotting to keep them apart. Johnny Flynn is undoubtedly a person who knows a thing or two about this, as he married Beatrice Minns. Despite facing some hurdles along the way, the couple was destined to be together. 

How is the married life of this talented actor? How did he meet the love of his life? Does he have any children? If you're curious to know the answers to these - without further ado, let's get to it.

Johnny Flynn's Married Life With His Lovely Wife

Johnny Flynn married his longtime girlfriend, Beatrice Minns, in the summer of 2011 in Wales. The couple has been together for thirteen years and they couldn't be happier. Moreover, they appear madly in love while enjoying each other's company.

Apparently, the duo dated for a long time before they tied the knot. This is usually a recipe for a long-lasting relationship. Getting to completely know your partner goes a long way toward ensuring you are with the right person.

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The pair met when both of them were teens. Johnny claimed to be very shy as a teenager but admitted he was completely in love with Beatrice as there was something about her that he really connected to.

However, the teen sweethearts parted ways when Beatrice had to go to Winchester School of Art while Flynn went to a drama school named Webber Douglas. This, though, did not stop the pair from ending up in each other's arms. Johnny said:

"We came in and out of each other’s lives for years, until the frequencies collided and we started spending more time together than apart. There’s always been a sense of destiny."

Fate brought the couple together one way or the other. Meanwhile, Beatrice appears to be extremely supportive and understanding of her husband. Speaking in 2014, the actor said:

"I’m married to the girl that I first went out with when I was 16, we were on and off for years, now we’re married with a kid, so I don’t have that many exes. the ones I do have I’m on good terms with so I think I would have done that."

The husband and wife duo welcomed their first child, named Gabriel Flynn, in 2012. Their second kid was born four years later, in March 2016, named Ida Flynn. The duo's third child is also a daughter Lorca Lynn who was born in 2018.

The sweethearts, since their teen years, are in a blissful married life, and there appear to be no rumors of any disputes.

Johnny Flynn On The Trouble of Fatherhood

Despite being a devoted father, Flynn had a bit of a crisis after his first son Gabriel was born. Speaking of fatherhood, the actor said:

"One day you’re working in Starbucks and the next you’re being asked to fly a 747 with no training."

Johnny further said that when someone has children, it's like their heart leaves their body, puts some clothes on, and walks away. Apparently, he wasn't prepared for fatherhood, and the experience came as a shock.

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More significantly, Flynn appeared to be still experiencing delayed-onset grief from losing his father, who passed away due to cancer in 2002 when he was just 18. He started panicking about what if his son asked him about his grandpa.

Although it wasn't a complete breakdown, Johnny needed to talk to the right people to get through this. Over the years, the actor has gotten better at grasping the role of a father and is currently enjoying a delightful family life.

Johnny Flynn: Quick Facts

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  • He was born on 14th March 1983 in South Africa.
  • His birth sign is Pisces.
  • His parents are Eric Flynn and Caroline Flynn.
  • He shifted to England when he was 3.
  • He leads the folk-rock band Johnny Flynn and The Sussex Wit.
  • He went to Winchester College.
  • He won music scholarships for his ability to play guitar and trumpet.
  • He was one of Screen International's Stars Of Tomorrow award winners in 2005.
  • He made an appearance in the 2013 film Song One alongside Anne Hathway.

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