Home Article Entrepreneur And Fitness Guru Jeff Cavaliere Is Happily Married!! Meet His Wife And Children

Entrepreneur And Fitness Guru Jeff Cavaliere Is Happily Married!! Meet His Wife And Children

Updated On 30 Aug, 2023 Published On 06 Nov, 2018
Entrepreneur And Fitness Guru Jeff Cavaliere Is Happily Married!! Meet His Wife And Children

Fitness is almost like a relationship as both can't work if you cheat.

We are so sure that avid fans of fitness would definitely know about the bodybuilder, personal trainer, and physical therapist Jeff Cavaliere. The founder of the ATHLEAN-X Program is always busy teaching his students and fans the necessary steps to live a sound and happy life.

In all his busy schedule, he has perfectly managed his time being a loving husband and caring father. Meet his wife and children here. 


What is Jeff Cavaliere Up To Now? Is He Still Married?

Jeff Cavaliere, an American fitness guru is still married to his long-term girlfriend turned wife. Their relationship has grown deeper and stronger than they had before. They have been united as life partners for over eleven years now.

The athlete took a cute picture hugged by his spouse on the very occasion of Valentine's Day at the gym. On February 15, 2020, Cavaliere wore a similar outfit to Miss. Cavaliere.

He wrote "Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours. Remember guys, even if you screwed up and forgot to get a gift, there's always thus...face pulls are forever.

The ATHLEAN_X founder is living a blissful life with his partner and their twin sons, Jason and Xavier. Needless to say, the New York Mets coach is a family man who prefers to spend a good time with his kids and spouse in the meantime rather than getting busy with his work.

Jeff Cavaliere: Living A Blissful Married Life With His Wife

There's not much known about Jeff Cavaliere's family life but it's pretty clear that he's a married man.

Some reliable sources reported that he tied the knot with his soulmate in 2008 after dating for a couple of years. It seems like they are high school sweethearts.

Jeff Cavaliere has maintained his married life ultra-private with his wife. Source: Gazette Review

The physiotherapist has managed to keep his wife away from the public. He mentioned his spouse in one of his Instagram posts back in November 2017 wearing a Halloween costume.

Though she barely appears on Cavaliere's posts, their twin sons frequently appear with their father.

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The proud and loving father celebrated 'Father's Day' in June 2018 posting an image with the adorable kids. He captioned,

"Happy Fathers Day" doesn't always mean happy sons! After all, if mom's taking the picture she can't be holding them (their favorite place to be!). That's ok. I hear the balance of parental power shifts as they get older. I mean, let's face it, when it comes time to learn proper application of muscle markers and the finer points of spider curls...they'll know where their bread is buttered."

" In all seriousness, I've worn many hats in my life but NONE have been more rewarding than being a dad to these two little men. I pray every day to be someone they look up to and emulate as an example of rock-solid principles."

Being a father of two, he remembered how much his father struggled for him during his childhood days. He mentioned that he's determined to do the same for them.   

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As there are no rumors about Cavaliere getting divorced or any disturbance in his married life, we are sure that the couple is still so strong and dedicated to their relationship.

Cavaliere celebrated Valentine's Day with his gorgeous wife and posted an image via Instagram post.

Jeff Cavaliere with his lovely wife celebrating Valentine's Day. 

The above image is captioned,


"The wife and I haven't slept in weeks. Cortisol levels through the roof! Bye bye gains...hello Halloween! #hallowgains#boo #happyhalloween #teamathlean #jeffcavaliere #athleanx#nocandyforme"

It appears that Jeff is savoring a joyful and contented married life alongside his wife.


Jeff Cavaliere's Career

Once he completed his studies, Cavaliere began writing for Men's Fitness in 2004.

In 2006, Mark Johnson suggested his name for a new physical therapist. He worked with the New York Mets major league as the assistant strength coach and head physical therapist for three years until 2009. The baseball team won the 'National League East Championship' in 2006 under his physical training.  

He has authored the Teen Sports Nutrition Blueprint and the Major League Insider Training Manual.

Here's an interview with Jeff Cavaliere talking about fitness. Enjoy! 

He founded the ATHLEAN-X in 2009. It helps athletes with workout plans, nutrition, and supplement advice through the ATHLEAN-X Program. Jeff started posting fitness videos on his YouTube channel in 2006.

He has amassed over 6.3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel with millions of viewers as of October 2018. 

Jeff Cavaliere: Quick Facts

  • Born on 28 June 1975 in the United States.
  • His birth sign is Cancer.
  • He completed graduation from The University of Connecticut with a bachelor of applied science degree in psycho-neurobiology.
  • He completed a master's degree in physical therapy in 2000.
  • In 2004, he contributed to Men's Fitness as a writer and he is still writing as of 2018. 
  • He stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.72m).

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