Home Article 55 Year-Old Liz MacDonald is Still single or Married,Know about her Affairs and Relationship

55 Year-Old Liz MacDonald is Still single or Married,Know about her Affairs and Relationship

Updated On 04 Aug, 2017 Published On 04 Aug, 2017
55 Year-Old Liz MacDonald is Still single or Married,Know about her Affairs and Relationship

55-year-old Elizabeth MacDonald is an award winning business journalist, author, and the stocks editor for Fox Broadcasting. She is most probably single these days.

Being very successful in professional life is not sufficient to lead a happy and prosperous life. Love and family have an immense role to have content and happy life.

Here, we are actually talking about American Business journalist an television personality Liz MacDonald.

It's known to all that she is still very much single.

Know some more about her personal life in today's session.

55-Year-Old Liz MacDonald is Still single or Married? Know about her Affairs and Relationship

American Business journalist and television personality Liz has been covering business news since 1988. You might not believe this but the 55-year-old diva is still single.

Her past love affairs are still in shade; it simply clarifies that she is discreet about her personal life.

Liz at her work place, Source: Pinterest

She has not been spotted with even a single guy spending a quality moment till date. Can we say that she's not interested in guys?

Liz in Fox Business, Source: Cable News Caps

She was once the supporter of same sex marriage. She is single for so long and that directs us to one common topic.

Most of her fans and media doubt on her sexuality but we cannot assure you this time as the star herself has not confirmed anything on the topic.

Well, we are waiting for her to reveal the fact soon in the following days.

Know more Facts about Liz MacDonald

  • Born on 2 January 1962 in Rockville Centre, New York, United States.
  • Has several brothers and sisters.
  • Graduated with a B.A. with honors from Canisius College in 1984.
  • Congress called her twice to testify about IRS abuses of taxpayers as well as IRS reforms.
  • Neil Cavuto and Larry Kudlow once declared her "a true class act" in journalism.
  • Argued over the counter birth control without a prescription and supported same sex marriage.
  • Her movement decreased teen pregnancies, STDs, abortions with the use of contraceptives.
  • Once criticized President Trump for "a lack of civility in public discourse", his war on "fake news" and his attacks on judges.
  • MacDonald's column, Emac's Bottom Line can be found on both the Fox Business and Fox News websites.
  • Appeared on NBC's The Today Show, ABC's  World News Tonight, Nightline, Your World with Neil Cavuto, CBS This Morning, CNBC's Kudlow & Company with Larry Kudlow.
  • Has been working for the Fox Television Network since 2007 as stock editor and journalist.
  • Also, works as an anchor on the Fox News and on the Fox Business Shows like Opening Bell with Maria Bartiromo, Cavuto, and Varney & Co.
  • Produced front-page stories at the Wall Street Journal in the late 90s.
  • Reported an award winning investigative series on widespread IRS abuses of taxpayers at Money.


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