Home Article Actress Finty Williams isn't Married but is a Mother of her Son; Find out who is the Father of the Child

Actress Finty Williams isn't Married but is a Mother of her Son; Find out who is the Father of the Child

Updated On 05 Dec, 2023 Published On 15 Nov, 2017

Actress Finty Williams isn't Married but is a Mother of her Son; Find out who is the Father of the Child and her Boyfriend

Being a celebrity can prove hard at times due to much gossip circulating regarding their personal life or dating affairs. Tara Cressida Frances, better known as Finty Williams is also subjected to some rumors.

The British actress was never linked to anyone but somehow she is a mother of one boy. According to some rumors, her child is the son of her secret lover.

Today in this section, let's find out the identity of the child's father and know more about her personal life.

Finty is the Mother of One Child! Who's Her Husband? 

These days there are so many methods from which you can become a parent without being in a relationship with someone. But at the time, when her son, Sam Michael Williams was born, the technology wasn't very advanced back then.

 Source: Daily Mail

Finty was 24 years old when she gave birth to Sam on June 6, 1997. Her son is now in his 20s and the question remains who is his father?

The single mother, for more than 20 years, was always surrounded by questions regarding her secret husband or lover from whom she conceived Sam.

At first, Finty's parents were thinking that they would not see her become a parent this soon. During an interview with The Telegraph, her mother Dame Judi Dench, said they never expected any of this.

It was a big surprise, not only to her but to her husband, Michael Williams. The family welcomed the child and he was the newest member of the Willams family.

She is the daughter of actress, Judi Dench, Source: IMDb

Finty and her son share a very deep bond. Speaking about her family life, in 2014 during an interview, she told the world how her family enjoys spending time together without the hassle of the outside world. 

Her son graduated his high school and is studying in college now. He is very much interested in pop music and soccer.

Despite many questions raised regarding the identity of her husband, the actress has yet to answer anything on the matter. 

Finty Williams-Relationship with Boyfriend

The actress is also in a relationship with Joseph Timms (Joe). The pair first met in 2010 and have been dating for some time now and the duo usually spends much time together, along with Finty's son. 

She is dating actor, Joseph Timms, Source: Getty Images

The pair resides together at their residence in Belsize Park in North London. Joe is 13 years younger than Finty but you know what they say, 'Age is just a number.'

Joe is yet to pop the big question to the English actress and it remains to be seen when the duo will get married. 

Quick facts about Finty Williams

  • Born on September 24, 1972 (age 45), in London, United Kingdom.
  • She is the daughter of actress Judi Dench and Michael Williams.
  • She attended Central School of Speech and Drama (1994).
  • She made her debut in the movie, The Mystery of Edwin Drood.
  • She worked in the theatre drama called Party Piece.
  • She is famous for her role in the TV series Born and Bred.

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